Tree Maintenance

Trees on Town Property
Trees within the right-of-way of any public street are owned by the town and cannot be removed and/or trimmed without permission from the town's tree warden.

The tree warden is responsible for administering all aspects of the town's tree maintenance program under Article III of the Conservation Ordinance (Chapter 18).  The public right-of-way can extend as much as 11 feet from the edge of pavement so property owners should contact the Tree Warden if they have a question or concern about a tree within this area.  This also includes trees located on public lands owned by the Town, such as the Gull Crest property, Winnick Woods, and any conservation land within public subdivisions.

Our current Tree Warden, Jeff Tarling, was hired in the summer of 2022.

Inquires and messages for Jeff Tarling can be made to the Public Works office at 207-799-4151, or via email at


Tree Alerts (Dated: 12-6-2023)

Approved Native Trees

Conservation Ordinance (Chapter 18)

Appendix C: Road Tree List

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