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Swap Shop

Welcome to the Swap Shop!  

The Swap Shop was established in the fall of 1996, a joint project of the Public Works Department and the Recycling Committee. Among the reasons for its creation were:

To divert usable goods and materials from the trash hopper -- Less trash may mean lower "tipping" costs and less tax money going to garbage fees To create a place where usable goods, which still have life in them, can be made available for use by others

Smooth operation of the Swap Shop requires help from all Cape citizens. Obviously the Swap Shop needs contributions of usable goods and materials. That sometimes requires judgment regarding what should be saved and what should be placed in the hopper. This brochure can help you make those decisions. The Swap Shop also requires volunteer assistance and ideas for organizing the items at the Swap Shop. If you want to help out or share your ideas, contact the Recycling Committee.

What the Swap Shop Accepts:

Usable household items including:

  • toys and sporting goods
  • curtains/dishes/other housewares
  • working electric/electronic appliances
  • yard tools/hardware
  • kitchenware
  • books and magazines

What the Swap Shop Does Not Accept:

  • E-Waste:  TV's, Computers, Printers, Monitors, etc.
  • Broken items beyond repair, or which have sharp edges
  • Clothing (use the Goodwill Bin)
  • Latex paint between the months of November and April
  • Any non-latex paint or solvents
  • Refrigerators, stoves or similar large appliances*
  • Mattresses and bedding*
  • Food or other perishable items
  • Household trash
  • Bottles and jars (put these in the "silver bullet" bin)

    *See the attendant for disposal of these items

This is your Swap Shop.
 Please help us make it work for all of us!!!