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Bottle Shed

The Town of Cape Elizabeth maintains a shed at the Recycling Center where residents can leave bottles, cans, and jugs for deposit. The proceeds from these returnables benefit Cape Elizabeth-based not-for-profit and non-profit service clubs and organizations that benefit the youth of Cape Elizabeth.

Annually, in October, the Recycling Committee makes applications available for organizations to apply for funding. The announcement and link to the application is posted on the town's website during the application acceptance period.  Funds are awarded in December.  In order to qualify for proceeds from the Bottle Shed, organizations must: be based in Cape Elizabeth; provide the organization's tax identification number and a W-9; and submit a fully completed application by the deadline.  Organizations may submit no more than one application per year.  For more information, please contact Director of Public Works Jay Reynolds.

Applications are currently being accepted until October 15, 2021.  Applicants may submit an online application or download a PDF application by using one of the following links: 

Returnable Bottle Shed Grant Online Application

Returnable Bottle Shed Grant Application [download PDF]

Allocations approved by the Bottle Shed Committee 11/22/2019

1. Pond Cove Playground Committee  $250 
2. CEHS Class of 2023 $250 
3. CEHS Class of 2021 $250 
4. CE Swim /Dive team Boosters$1,000 
5. CE Girls Field Hockey Boosters$750 
6. CE Boys Basketball Boosters $1,000 
7. CE Music Boosters  $1,000 
8. Boy Scouts troop 30 $250 
9. CE Soccer Club  $1,000 
10. CE Hockey Boosters  $1,000 
11. CE Cub Scouts  $250 
12. CEHS Speech & Debate Team$500 
13. CEHS Baseball   $1,000 
14. HSPA    $250 
15. CE Lions Club  $1,000 
16. CE Girls Basketball Boosters $1,000 
17. CE Volleyball Boosters  $1,000 
18. CE Softball Boosters  $1,000 
19. CE Mock Trial Boosters $500 
20. CEHS BoysLacrosse Boosters  $1,000 
21. Festival of Curiosity  $250 
22. SAAFE CEHS   $250 
23. CEHS Theater Boosters  $500 
24. Girl Scouts Troop 120 $250 
25. Thomas Memorial Library Foundation $250 
26. Pond Cove Parents Association $250 
27. CEHS Robotics   $1,000