Boards and Committees

Applying to Serve on Boards and Committees:

Applications for residents interested in serving on Town Council appointed boards and committees are accepted annually each October.  Openings will be advertised on the town website and Cape Courier each year during the application period.  Periodically, openings for a board or committee may become vacant.  In this case, advertising of the vacancy will be posted on the website and Cape as needed.

Applications to serve on Boards and Committees are found online only during an open application period.  To apply during an open application cycle, please fill out our ONLINE FORM*. 

*NOTE:  this online form is only accessible when there are active board or committee openings.

Town Council Standing Boards & Committees

Ad Hoc Committees

Staff Assignments to Boards & Committees

Retired Committees

Regulations and Documents:

APPLICATION FORM (Note: Application forms are only available when the Appointments Committee is accepting applications.)

Town Council Subcommittees & Assignments

School Board Subcommittees