The Cape Elizabeth Police Department is a resource to the community.  A wide variety of services and information are available to the public.  Should you not find what you are looking for on themenu of options, feel free to contact us by phone 207-767-3323; Email, or stop by the station at 325 Ocean House Road, Cape Elizabeth, Maine, 04107.

Alarm Systems

There are over 450 residential and commercial intrusion alarms that the police department may respond to. Property owners who install or maintain alarm systems must register the system on a form provided at the public safety building. The third (and subsequent) unexcused "false alarm" may be assessed a fine.

ADA Public Safety Access
The Public Safety Building maintains a Telecommunications Device for the Hearing Impaired (TDD) which may be accessed through any emergency and non-emergency public safety phone number.

Animal Control
The Town of Cape Elizabeth has partnered with the City of South Portland and consolidated Animal Control Units.

Bicycle Patrols
Bicycle Patrols are utilized by the Department in areas where crime has risen beyond the median.

Beach Passes

Day and seasonal passes are available to residents and non-residents for a fee which allows the permittee to park on the east end of Crescent Beach to launch boats, wind surfers, and other water craft.

Those wishing to take advantage of this recreational opportunity may obtain a beach pass at the Public Safety building, 325 Ocean House Road, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. seven days a week.  For passes to the swimming area of Crescent Beach or other state parks, please see the Maine Department of Conservation State Parks website.

Blue Envelope Program

Cape Elizabeth Police Department began offering the Blue Envelope Program in September of 2023.  The Blue Envelope Program was created to help those with ASD, as well as Police Officers, in the event of a motor vehicle or traffic accident.

Brochures, Handouts & Stickers
The public safety building has dozens of informational brochures on numerous subjects - all free for the asking.

Business Checks
Town business owners are encouraged to visit the public safety building and complete a building security check form. Doing so will provide the police department with valuable information about your business property that can aid in timely notification should a burglary or property damage be discovered.

Client Wandering Database
Do you worry about a loved one who wanders? Public Safety maintains a database that can help them quickly locate individuals with dementia or other disability that may cause them to wander

Crime Line
The Cape Elizabeth Police Department has a "Crime Line" for anonymous communication with the police department

Emergency Medical Calls
Cape Elizabeth Police Officers are all certified Emergency Medical Technicians. Police Officers (EMTs) respond to all medical emergencies and are fully qualified to render first aid and life support pending arrival of rescue personnel.  Should you require medical assistance please call the emergency number 9-1-1.

Deer/Auto Accidents

The white tailed deer are a wonderful resource whose populations have reached troublesome proportions. As a result, fully one third of all automobile accident involve deer. The areas of Two Lights, Bowery Beach, Shore and Sawyer roads are particularly susceptible to car/deer accidents. From September to January, motorists should be very vigilant during nighttime travel for deer that can appear in the roadway without warning.

Another tip ... if a deer crosses your path be ready for the second or third to follow!

Gun registration is NOT required in the State of Maine. There are, however, strict laws that prohibit the concealment of firearms.

House Checks
The Police Department encourages any resident who goes away on business or vacation to partake of our House Check program. We will maintain information about your property that may be helpful should damage or theft occur in your absence. Officers will visually inspect the exterior of your home periodically while you are away.

Keys Locked in the Car?
The Cape Elizabeth Police Department, in the past, provided the service of attempting to enter locked vehicles. Now, with the newer model vehicles designed to prohibit unauthorized entry into the passenger's compartment, it has made us re-think our policy. The Department no longer will attempt to enter locked vehicles. We will instead come to your location and assist you with a ride to your home, if nearby, to obtain a spare set of keys. If this is not possible we will stand by until a service such as AAA can be reached for you.

Parades and Processions

Individuals, organizations, and civic groups who wish to sponsor any parade, bike race or other procession along any public way of Cape Elizabeth must first apply for a permit through the Chief of Police.  Sponsors must also provide an insurance policy of $100,000 minimum coverage with the Town listed as named insured. Fee for these permits are $100.  PERMIT APPLICATION

Parking Bans

On-street parking is prohibited from 1:00 a.m. - 5:00 a.m. from December 1 through April 1.  Vehicles may not be parked on any public way so as to interfere with snow removal.

Property Security Assessments
Cape residents may schedule an officer for a "security assessment" of their residential or commercial properties. Our officers would be glad to give their opinion as to the vulnerability of the subject location and will make recommendations to improve security in and around the property.

Public Speaking
Several officers of the Cape Elizabeth Police Department are specially trained and educated in a variety of law enforcement.

Code Red Emergency Notification

General Information
Police Chief
Paul Fenton
Phone Numbers
Fax: 207-767-0681
Emergencies: Dial 911
325 Ocean House Road
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