Plans & Assessments

Comprehensive Plan

The Town’s Comprehensive Plan is the guiding document for how Cape Elizabeth should grow and develop over the next 10 years and beyond.

Town Center Plan

The Town Center Plan proposes to create an identifiable Town Center that includes a village feeling, mixed retail uses targeted to residents, a pedestrian inviting environment, a common meeting place, visual vitality, and linkages to the Town's open space and school assets.

Greenbelt Plan

The Greenbelt Plan outlines a strategy to create a greenbelt that would allow pedestrians to walk from Fort Williams Park to Crescent Beach without using the road network.

Visual Resources Assessment

This document inventories and ranks the town's scenic views and establishes a methodology for evaluating the impact of development on new views. It serves as a supplemental resources without regulatory authority.

Affordable Housing Report

The report includes an analysis of housing affordability in Cape Elizabeth and 20 recommendations for increasing the amount of affordable housing.

Fort Williams Master Plan

The Master Plan of Fort Williams Park was prepared by the Fort Williams Advisory Commission and presented to the Town Council in 1990 and updated in 2003 and 2012. The Plan includes a history of Fort Williams, site analysis and a master plan of proposed improvements.

Open Space Inventory

The Open Space Inventory is a list, with maps, of all land that provides legal public access. The list is divided into four categories: land owned by the town, easements owned by the town, land owned by the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust, and easements owned by the Land Trust.

Shore Road Path Plan

The Town Council approved this plan in concept for a pathway along Shore Road in 2009. The concept plan represents the best efforts of the Shore Road Pathway Committee to balance the public safety needs of pedestrians, the preservation of the unique physical and natural characteristics of Shore Road, and impacts on abutting property owners.

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