Chapter No.NameDate adoptedDate effectiveStatus

Health and Sanitation - Plastic Bag, Polystyrene Foam provisions

Referred to Recycling Committee on March 9, 2020 
19Town Center Affordable Housing Amendments - DRAFT2021-10-132021-11-13Town Council approves amendments with a 5-2 vote on 10/13/2021 [Article]
Town Council holds public hearing on draft amendments 09/13/2021 [Meeting Materials] [Article] [Article]
Town Council votes 6-1 to send "August 3 draft amendment" to a public hearing 08/09/2021 [Meeting Materials] [Article]
Town Council holds workshop on amendments 08/02/2021 [Meeting Materials] [Article]
Town Council discusses next steps 07/12/2021 [Meeting Materials] [Article]
Town Council holds workshop on amendments 06/22/2021 [Meeting Materials] [Article]
Town Council votes to send amendments to workshop 06/14/2021 [Meeting Materials]
Town Council Ordinance Committee 05/19/2021 [Meeting Materials]
Town Council public hearing 05/10/2021 [Meeting Materials]
Planning Board Special Meeting 05/04/2021 [Meeting Materials]
Planning Board public hearing 04/20/2021 [Meeting Materials] [Article]
Town Council Workshop 04/07/2021 [Meeting Materials]
Planning Board Workshop 03/16/2021 [Meeting Materials] [Article]
Planning Board Workshop 03/02/2021 [Meeting Materials]
Planning Board Workshop on Affordable Housing 02/16/2021 [Meeting Materials] [Article]

19Agricultural Buildings Sec. 19-9-2 Applicability under Activities Not Requiring Site Plan Review DRAFT2021-08-092021-09-08Town Council approves Zoning Amendments to 19-9-2 08/09/2021
Town Council votes to send Planning Board recommendations on Agricultural building footprint increase from 2,000 to 3,000 square feet in size to Public Hearing 07/12/2021 [Meeting Materials]
Planning Board Public Hearing; approves amendments 4-2. 06/15/2021 [Meeting Materials]
Planning Board tables agricultural amendments 06/01/2021 [Meeting Materials]
Town Council refers to Planning Board for review 05/10/2021 [Meeting Materials] [See Memo]

19Wireless Amendments: Wireless Infrastructure Land Use Sec. 19-1-3

Planning Board votes 7-0 to forward amendments to Town Council 09/21/2021 [Meeting Materials]
Planning Board holds workshop on forwarded amendments 09/07/2021 [Meeting Materials]
Town Council votes to send 5G Amendments to Planning Board; Town Council votes to solicit a Request For Proposal for a consulting firm to help strategize 08/09/2021 [Article]
[Meeting Materials]
Ordinance Committee votes 3-0 to recommend the fiber optic Wireless amendments to Town Council 07/14/2021 [Meeting Materials]
Ordinance Committee continues review 06/23/2021 [Meeting Materials]
Ordinance Committee reviews 06/09/2021 [Meeting Materials]
Town Council refers to Ordinance Committee for review 05/10/2021 [Meeting Materials] [See Memo]


Chapter No.NameDate adoptedDate amendedDate effectiveExpiresStatus

Order Declaring a Limited Emergency08/30/2021

Emergency Regulation- Prohibitions on Businesses.pdf03/25/202006/08/202004/02/202006/30/2020Expired


Chapter No.NameDate adoptedDate effectiveNotes
2Administrative Code.pdf2016-06-132016-06-13
4Boards and Committees2021-07-122021-08-11News Article
10Coastal Waters and Harbor Ordinance.pdf2019-04-082019-05-08News Article
5Commercial Licenses and Permits.pdf1978-05-211978-06-21
18Conservation.pdf2019-02-112019-03-09News Article
6Construction Code.pdf2008-09-082008-10-08
7Dogs.pdf2019-09-092019-10-09News Article
8Fire Protection Code.pdf2007-06-092007-07-09

General Assistance Ordinance (including appendices)2020-10-142020-10-14All except Appendix C

General Assistance.pdf2019-10-132019-10-01All but Appendix C
1General Provisions.pdf2003-09-082003-09-08
11Health and Sanitation.pdf2017-11-062017-12-06News Article
26Marijuana Establishments and Social Clubs.pdf2017-08-142017-09-14News Article
12Miscellaneous Offenses.pdf2017-10-112017-11-10News Article
3Personnel Code.pdf2019-11-132019-11-13Amended to set mileage reimbursement at Internal Revenue Service rate
23Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Ordinacne.pdf2010-12-132011-01-12
27Property Tax Assistance.pdf2019-01-142019-02-13News Article
15Sewers.pdf  (Updated Map)2007-06-092007-07-09News Article
24Shooting Ranges.pdf2017-06-122017-07-12News Article
21Signs.pdf2017-01-092017-02-08News Article
25Storm Water.pdf2016-10-052016-11-04
16Subdivision Ordiance.pdf2016-10-052016-11-04News Article
19Town Overlay District Map2019-09-092020-4-1
17Town Ways.pdf2012-09-102012-10-10News Article
13Traffic Regulations.pdf2021-03-082021-04-08News Article
19Zoning Ordinance pdf  (21.5 MB. Includes map appendices)2021-02-082021-05-12News Article