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6Construction Code

February 12, 2024 - the Town Council votes 6-0 to refer to the Ordinance Committee Chapter 6 Floodplain Management Ordinance, to reflect any changes to incorporate the new FEMA Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps for Cumberland County.

19LD 2003 Zoning Ordinance Amendments - substitute amendments by Councilor Reiniger 9-29-2023December 11, 2023January 10, 2024February 5, 2024:  Town Council Workshop [Meeting Materials]

January 8, 2024:  Town Council votes 5-0 in favor of acknowledging the ad-hoc Housing Diversity Study Committee's Final Report with the approval of a February 5, 2024 workshop to review priority items to be sent to the Ordinance Committee.

December 11, 2023: Motion is made to reconsider approved amendments from 11/13/2023; Subsequent motion is made to replace previously approved amendments with an amended version (which adjusts the ADU size from 600 square feet to 800 square feet) of draft amendments proposed by Councilor Reiniger's amendments from 9/29/2023; council votes 5-2 in favor of amended motion regarding ADU size, with Reiniger and Gabrielson voting in opposition. Motion to approve alternate amended amendments passes with a council vote of 4-3 in favor. Councilors Jordan Harriman, Jordan, and Gabrielson vote in opposition.

Residential Pesticide Use Ordinance11/08/202312/13/2023For the most up to date information regarding this ordinance, please visit the Residential Pesticide Use Ordinance webpage.

On 2/12/24 the Town Council voted to resend Alternative Pesticide Ordinance to the Ordinance Committee for further review following a February 5, 2024 Workshop.
19Home Business Amendments as of 10/03/202301/08/202402/09/2024
January 8, 2024:  Town Council votes 5-0 in favor of proposed amendments Relating to Home Business Amendments.

December 11, 2023: Town Council votes to table Public Hearing and discussion of draft amendments to January 9, 2024 due to length of meeting.

Town Council votes unanimously in favor of setting the Proposed Home Business Amendments to a Public Hearing on December 11, 2023. (Meeting Materials)

September 11, 2023: Town Council votes 7-0 to send Ordinance Committee's recommendations to refer amendments to the Planning Board. (Meeting Materials)

August 8, 2023: Ordinance Committee votes 3-0 to forward amendments to Town Council with a recommendation to forward to the Planning Board. (Meeting Materials)

July 26, 2023: Ordinance Committee begins review of Home Business Amendments. (Meeting Materials)

13Traffic Regulations

August 14, 2023:  Town Council votes 7-0 to forward Chair Jeremey Gabrielson's request to refer On Street Parking Regulations to the Ordinance Committee given the numerous emails the council has received regarding parking on Shore Road near Cliff House Beach.  Additionally, he would like to expand the review of parking as related to the future Shore Road Rehabilitation Project.  Councilor P. Jordan also asked for this item to be reviewed "holistically" across a broad range of possible strategies the Town might consider to address parking on a variety of levels.

Chapter No.
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2Administrative Code.pdf2016-06-132016-06-13
4Boards and Committees2021-07-122021-08-11News Article
10Coastal Waters and Harbor Ordinance.pdf2019-04-082019-05-08News Article
5Commercial Licenses and Permits1994-01-091994-02-09
18Conservation2024-02-122024-03-13The amendments allow the Conservation Committee to approve events up to 250 attendees, and also to allow the Conservation Committee to negotiate revenue sharing for events with an admission charge of larger than $10/attendee.
6Construction Code.pdf2008-09-082008-10-08
Appendix (Excel download)
2023-08-142023-09-13News Article
8Fire Protection Code.pdf2007-06-092007-07-09

General Assistance Ordinance (see appendices below)2021-09-022022-01-10

General Assistance Appendices A, B, D through G and Recovery Residence Housing Maximums2022-11-1410/1/2022-9/30/2022All but Appendix C
1General Provisions.pdf2003-09-082003-09-08
11Health and Sanitation2022-09-122022-10-13News Article
26Marijuana Establishments and Social Clubs.pdf2017-08-142017-09-14News Article
12Miscellaneous Offenses.pdf2017-10-112017-11-10News Article
3Personnel Code2023-05-112023-06-12
23Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Ordinacne.pdf2010-12-132011-01-12
27Property Tax Assistance.pdf2019-01-142019-02-13News Article
Residential Pesticide Use2023-12-112023-12-12
15Sewers.pdf  (Updated Map)2007-06-092007-07-09News Article
24Shooting Ranges.pdf2017-06-122017-07-12News Article
21Signs.pdf2017-01-092017-02-08News Article
25Storm Water2023-05-082023-06-08
16Subdivision Ordinance2024-04-082024-05-08
19Town Overlay District Map2019-09-092020-4-1
17Town Ways.pdf2012-09-102012-10-10News Article
13Traffic Regulations2021-03-082021-04-08News Article
19Zoning Ordinance (includes maps & appendices)  (Maps only)2024-04-082024-05-08Wireless Amendments News Article