Open Space Plans

Greenbelt Plan

The 2013 plan update focuses open space preservation on land that (1) maintains the town’s rural character, (2) protects wildlife habitat, and (3) adds to the trail system. This plan identifies 10 goals to guide greenbelt growth.

Open Space Management Plan

Adopted by the Town Council in 2012, the Management Plan for the Greenbelt and Open Space includes an inventory of open space, as well as policies governing Town-owned open spaces. This document inventories and ranks the town's scenic views and establishes a methodology for evaluating the impact of development on new views. It serves as a supplemental resources without regulatory authority.

Winnick Woods Master Plan

Winnick Woods is a 57-acre parcel donated to the Town of Cape Elizabeth by Alice Larrea, a former resident. The primary recommendation of this plan is to create a trail system on the property, with a signature trail head on Sawyer Road.

Open Space Inventory

The Open Space Inventory is a list, with maps, of all land that provides legal public access. The list is divided into four categories: land owned by the town, easements owned by the town, land owned by the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust, and easements owned by the Land Trust.

Gull Crest Master Plan

Situated adjacent to the Town Center, the Gull Crest property contains approximately 150 acres of meadows, woods, wetlands, streams, and occasional trails.