Understanding LD 2003's Impact on Cape Elizabeth podcast released

On Thursday, October 5, 2023, Town Councilor and Chair of the Ordinance Committee Penny Jordan, participated in the local podcast Let's Connect.  Joining Jordan as a second guest was Matt Panfil, Planning Director of Greater Portland Council of Governments (GPCOG).  Let's Connect is a weekly podcast focused on how cities and towns in Greater Portland are overcoming challenges in their communities ranging from housing, transportation, climate change, and economic development.  The podcast is hosted by Kristina Egan, Executive Director of GPCOG.

The October 5 episode, Understanding LD 2003's Impact on Cape Elizabeth, discusses the proposed LD 2003 Zoning Ordinance Amendments required to bring Cape Elizabeth into compliance with the new state law.  LD 2003, which seeks to remove zoning barriers to promote diverse housing options throughout Maine and address housing shortages, has set January 1, 2024 as the date for which the Town and all Maine municipalities must bring their ordinances into compliance with the law.  The proposed ordinance amendments introduce new zoning regulations that would in essence, grant Cape Elizabeth residents greater flexibility in creating accessory dwelling units (ADSs); update rules concerning small multifamily buildings (2-4 units); and provide provisions for affordable housing density bonuses.

The Town Council Ordinance Committee will be holding a Public Forum on Monday, October 16 focused on addressing questions from the public.  Jordan has said of LD 2003, "The complexity means there can be a lot of misunderstanding and misconceptions.  We're trying to provide clarity.  To do that, we need to hear people's questions and respond to them at the forum."   The podcast, Understanding LD 2003's Impact on Cape Elizabeth, was produced in advance of the forum in order to provide residents with the opportunity to better understand the proposed amendments and formulate specific questions.

The forum, which begins at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers on Monday, October 16, will be streamed on CETV LIVE, offer hybrid participation, and will be available for on demand viewing on CETV On Demand.

Audio and video access to  Let's Connect:  Understanding LD 2003's Impact on Cape Elizabeth, is available on Spotify, YouTube, and CETV On Demand.  The proposed amendments, meeting materials, and documents associated with the Town's work on LD 2003 can be found on the LD 2003 page.



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