Town Center Trail

Look for these Town Greenbelt signs at all trailheads and also throughout the trail system to help you navigate your way on and through the trails.

With snow on the ground, town greenbelt trails take on a whole new look. One trail that offers both views of snow covered marshes and the quiet of the woods in winter is the Town Center Trail. Named because of its connection to the Town Center, this trail connects to the back of the school campus, adjacent to the multipurpose athletic field.Click for 
The trail is located on top of a public sewer line and consequently, has been mowed for many years to facilitate maintenance access.

Town Center Trail map

This time of year, the trail is snow covered. It extends west from the Town Center and runs between the Elizabeth Park neighborhood and the Spurwink Marsh. Much of the trail is enclosed by dense shrubs. The trail meanders through light woodlands to Starboard Drive. Another option is to turn south onto the trail leading to the Spurwink River Pedestrian Bridge. From the bridge, you can enjoy expansive views of the marsh in winter. Proceeding across the bridge, you enter the 120 acre area of Gull Crest and its greenbelt trail network.

Town greenbelt trails are constructed and maintained by the Town of Cape Elizabeth Conservation Committee, an all volunteer seven member board that reports to the Town Council and is dedicated to the preservation and the promotion of access to the public open spaces of Cape Elizabeth.  The commission meets on the second Tuesday of each month in the Town Hall and the public is always welcome. The Conservation Committee encourages residents to use and enjoy the trails, to respect abutting private property by staying on designated trails and to leave the trails in a natural state for others to enjoy.

Town Center Trail is small, but is a beautiful gem located in the most compact neighborhood in Cape Elizabeth. Trails roll up and down ledgy knolls and next to a small, winding pond, giving the sense of being far away from any human habitation. The woods are very open with little understory growth and trail grades are gentle, except at the knolls.