Thomas Jordan Trust

The Thomas Jordan Trust is a local resource administered by the Town of Cape Elizabeth to help citizens.  To apply, use the online PDF application or call 207-799-7665 during normal business hours.

The following policies and standards for the administration, distribution and investment of the Thomas Jordan Trust are adopted effective September 12, 1994, subject to amendment from time to time by the Town Council.

In order to be eligible for benefits under the Thomas Jordan Trust, a person must be a resident of the Town of Cape Elizabeth. A "resident" of the Town of Cape Elizabeth is a person who has established a domicile in Cape Elizabeth and has no other residence.
Standard for Eligibility
The maximum household income of any household benefited from the Trust initially shall be no higher than 150% of the most recent U.S. Department of Health and Human Services poverty income guideline. Priority shall be given to those at the lowest percentage of the poverty level. The above percentage and the resulting number of beneficiaries eligible for benefits under the Trust shall be reviewed from time to time by the Town Council.
Monthly Income Guidelines
(150% of Federal Poverty Guidelines)

Number of people per householdMonthly  maximum income levelNumber of people per householdMonthly  maximum income level

* Add $552 for each additional household member over 12 people in the same home
(must be 18+ years of age)
Income is defined as total monthly income (before taxes) for all household members
Effective July 1, 2019

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Types of Programs

It is intended that the benefits of the Trust be made available to qualified residents of Cape Elizabeth. Benefits under this program may not duplicate or displace benefits available as a matter of right under federal, state or local law.
Benefits may be given to supplement otherwise available benefits where it can be shown that the otherwise available benefit only partly meets a demonstrated need.
Priority shall be given to grants that would enable recipients to help lift themselves out of poverty so that in the long-term they would be ineligible for assistance. For illustration only, and not by way of limitation, grants might buy tools for a trade, day care for someone receiving job training or formal education, tuition for course work, a used vehicle to commute to work, etc.
Grants may be given for the relief of emergencies not covered by other programs.
Grants shall not be utilized to assist with property taxes
There may also be a need to provide some grants to those who have long-term needs. This was likely recognized by Thomas Jordan in his time and there are still residents today who, even with their best efforts, earn only very limited income.
Trust Administration
The Town Council shall establish a three-member committee consisting of Town Council members serving staggered three-year terms. This standing committee shall be designated the Thomas Jordan Trust Subcommittee.
The Town Manager shall have the authority to authorize individual grants of up to $500.00 per household per year.
The Thomas Jordan Trust Subcommittee shall meet quarterly to review all disbursements and investments and meet as needed to review requests over $500.00. Quarterly summary reports of disbursements and investments shall be provided to the Town Council.

Out of respect for the privacy of individuals applying for benefits, individual case file information and any meetings concerning individual cases shall be confidential. A summary of general information concerning investments and dispositions of cases without individually identifiable case data shall be reported to the council periodically, but not less often than quarterly.