Riverside Cemetery Checklist

Approved January 28, 2003 (amended April 12, 2004)

Note: This checklist is intended to highlight various rules of Riverside Memorial Cemetery. Please review the complete set of rules and regulations in order to fully understand the requirements.
  • Lots are sold to citizens of Cape Elizabeth or non-resident taxpayers. The Riverside Cemetery Committee must approve purchase of more than four lots.
  • The town may purchase unused lots from an owner who no longer requires the space. The sale of lots to any other person is prohibited.
  • No interments will be allowed between December 1 and April 15. This period of winter closure may be varied at the discretion of the town Manager if warranted by weather and/or soil conditions.
  • The cemetery will be open from 8:00AM - 4:00PM, Monday through Saturday. There will be no interments on Sundays, Memorial Day weekend (Friday through Monday), Independence Day, Labor Day and Thanksgiving Day
  • The town requires at least a twenty-four hour notice of any interment. Interments are arranged by contacting the Public Works Department at 799-4151.
  • Every interment must be in a cement, marble, slate or plastic outside case of permanent type.
  • The placing of unauthorized items upon lots such as toys, ornaments, chairs, settees or similar unauthorized items not keeping with the general appearance of the cemetery will not be permitted.
  • No lot owner may plant a tree on his or her lot.
  • Permission to plant shrubs on lots must in all cases be obtained from the town. Please call the Public Works Department at 799-4151.
  • No lot may be defined by a hedge, fence, railing, wall, curb nor any other structure.
  • Artificial flowers may not be used.
  • The use of glass or other breakable containers is prohibited.
  • Any plantings on a lot must be adjacent to the monument. In Memorial Park (Sections A-O), and Section EE, designated for the burial of cremains, no plantings of any kind are allowed. Movable planters, baskets, or bouquets should be used.
  • In order to assure a high quality installation, all memorials must have a foundation constructed before the memorial may be placed. The Public Works Department (799-4151) sets foundations. A fee for placement is charged.
  • Prior to the placement of any foundation or cemetery memorial, a sketch and dimensions must be forwarded to the Public Works Department (Fax 799-4426) (Phone 799-4151). Approval must be given for all cemetery memorials. The Riverside Cemetery Committee reserves the right to refuse permission to erect any cemetery memorial, which, in their opinion, is not in keeping with the appearance of the lot and the cemetery as a whole.
  • The rules and regulations restrict the size, placement and number of cemetery memorials that may be placed on each lot.