Amendments to ADUs approved by council

The Town Council voted unanimously at the June 10, 2024 meeting to approve the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) amendments as recommended by the Planning Board.  The amendments supplement Zoning Ordinance Amendments adopted in December of 2023 and were initiated by Councilor Stephanie Anderson in response to Code Enforcement Officer Ben McDougal's recommendations to clarify.   

The ADU amendments:

  • Separate the Accessory Building or Structure definition from the Accessory Dwelling Unit definition.
  • Allows an existing accessory structure to be converted to and ADU - subject to ADU regulations.
  • Prohibits an ADU from being operated as a Short Term Rental (STR).

The approved amendments are effective July 10, 2024

The development of the ADU supplement to the Zoning Ordinance is a result of the Town's efforts to diversify housing as recommended by the 2019 Comprehensive Plan and as required by the L.D. 2003.  The ADU provision permits the creation of one subordinate dwelling unit incidental to a single family home within the requirements of Zoning Ordinance and any applicable deed restrictions or covenants.

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