Council to have Three Public Hearings May 13

The Town Council will hold three Public Hearings during the Monday, May 13, 2024 monthly council meeting.  

1.  The first will be on the draft Update to the Floodplain Management Ordinance.  Upon the Town Council's referral, the Ordinance Committee reviewed the draft Floodplain Management Ordinance on March 6.  At this meeting Code Enforcement Officer Ben McDougal explained the need for updating the ordinance to comply with federal flood insurance rules.  Adoption of the ordinance will include adoption of updated floodplain maps.  No revisions to the ordinance were proposed by the Ordinance Committee.  Following the Public Hearing, it is expected that the Town Council will vote on a motion to approve the draft ordinance.

2.  Public Hearing on draft Residential Pesticide Use Ordinance.  On February 12, the council referred to the Ordinance Committee the "Alternative Pesticide Ordinance," now called the Pesticide Amendments.  The Ordinance Committee met on February 15, March 6, and on March 25, the committee voted 2-0 in favor of forwarding the Pesticide Amendments to the Town Council.  It is anticipated that the Town Council will vote on a motion to approve the amendments following the Public Hearing.

3.  Public Hearing on Placing a Non-Binding Referendum on the November 5, 2024 Election Ballot regarding an Affordable Housing Referendum Question at Gull Crest.   The request to place this item on the November 5 ballot comes from resident Cynthia Dill.  Councilor Susan Gillis agreed to sponsor Dill's request, whereby a consideration to hold a public hearing was placed  on the April 8 Town Council agenda.  The council voted 5-2 in favor of sending the request to a public hearing.  There is no indication that the council will make a motion on this request at the May 13 meeting.

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