SBAC Committee Selects Option B

Correction 5/13/2024:  The School Board will meet in workshop with Harriman and SBAC co-chairs on Tuesday, May 21, 2024 at the Cape Elizabeth Middle School Library (not May 28 as previously posted).

At the May 9, 2024 School Building Advisory Committee, the committee voted 5 to 4 in favor of moving forward with "Option B."  David Andrews, Larry Benoit, Michael Hussey, Penny Jordan, and Tim Thompson voted in favor of the motion to recommend Option B and an estimated cost range of $77.3 - 85.5 million for further design by the School Board and eventual approval by the School Board and Town Council in time for a November 2024 referendum.  Although there were three options to choose from, the committee divided along two options, B and E.  Committee members Corinne Bell, Patrick Cotter, Caitlin Sweet, and Cynthia Voltz voted against the motion to move forward with B.  

Prior to the passing motion, Sweet made a motion to amend Option E with with a lower bond amount in the range of $90 - 95 million which includes a new middle school, improvements to Pond Cove Elementary and the high school with an additional $15 million in fundraising as a goal for enhancements to the middle school design.  Bell seconded the motion.  The motion failed with a vote of 4-5; Andrews, Benoit, Hussey, Jordan, and Thompson voting against it.

The School Building Advisory Committee published the following update following the May 9 vote:

The meeting concluded with a second round of public comment which lasted nearly 30 minutes.  The majority of comments expressed disappointment with the committee's choice.  The School Board will meet in workshop on May 21* to discuss the recommended option.  Should the School Board endorse the SBAC recommendation, Option B will then move forward to the Town Council for their consideration to endorse.  

Slides courtesy of Harriman.

Project timeline and comparisons on options.

For more information, visit the SBAC Website for more information.

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