Town Council Special Meeting Report

At the May 6, 2024 Town Council Special Meeting the council voted on the agenda items listed below.    Councilor Jordan Harriman was absent

1.  Public Hearing on Fiscal Year 2025 General Fund and Special Revenue Funds Budgets
No comments from the public were received during the public hearing.

2. Item #88-2024 Fiscal Year General Fund Budget Motion to Schedule Vote; 6-0 vote.
The council voted to schedule a May 13, 2024 vote on the proposed fiscal year 2025 General Fund Budget (municipal and school) for the Town of Cape Elizabeth, Maine with expenditures of $20,976,578 and revenues of $10,667,893 and School expenses of $35,446,986 and revenues of $4,109,749.

3.  Item #89-2024 Approval of Fiscal Year 2025 Special Revenue Funds Budget; 6-0 vote.
The council voted to adopt the Special Revenue Funds Budgets for Fiscal Year 2025 with expenditures and revenues of $5,098,564.

4.  Item #90-2024 Appointment of the Tax Collector and Town Treasurer; 6-0 vote.
The council voted to appoint Michael K. McGovern as Tax Collector and as Town Treasurer effective May 9, 2024 and until a successor is appointed and sworn in to both positions.  As well, the council appointed Finance Director Kristie D. Bradbury to serve as Deputy Tax Collector and Deputy Town Treasurer effective May 9, 2024.  Chair Timothy Reiniger explained that these appointments, "Are a formality that is required."

5.  Item #91-2024 Agreement with Eaton Peabody Consulting Group for Assistance in the Recruitment Process for a New Town Manager; 6-0 vote.
The council voted to enter in an agreement, Professional Services Agreement between the Town of Cape Elizabeth, Maine and Eaton Peabody Consulting Group, for assisting the town council in the recruitment process for a new town manager - with a fee of $8,000 plus reimbursement of direct expenses as outlined in the agreement.

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