Town Manager's Monthly Report

Town Manager's Monthly Report delivered at the February 12, 2024 Town Council Meeting.

Budget season for all municipal departments is in full swing, and the process is entirely on track. Departmental budgets were submitted to me on or before January 19th, and I am currently working with each department to review their proposed operational and capital budgets. The budget is scheduled for delivery to the council on March 1st, in accordance with the budget schedule established in December. 

The recent inclusion skate sponsored by the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee at the skating arena was very well attended. The Cape Police Department was on hand to assist and help with hot chocolate and community outreach, and it was a nice mid-winter community event. 

On March 12 in the afternoon, a scam prevention program will be presented by Officer Darin Estes at the Thomas Memorial Library. Please see the TML website for details. The focus will be on cyber scams and other forms of scams fraudsters employ in targeting our older population.

A great thanks to the Cape Elizabeth Public Works Department for their efforts during the January 10th and 13th storm events. As many know, both Kettle Cove Road and Shore Road experienced significant damages due to astronomical high tides in combination with high winds and rain. There were over $200,000 in damages sustained by the two roads, and due to their combined efforts, the roads received immediate repairs.  The department is coordinating the Town’s efforts in pursuit of FEMA reimbursement. An additional huge thank you to LP Murray, Nate Murray, and their team, their efforts helped us get these roads back together and passable quickly. It is great to have such a positive working relationship with a dedicated local team.

The new Community Services spring brochure will be out by March 1st.

Second half property tax bills will be out at the start of next week. The second half payment due date is April 15th

In a preview of items to come, next month our engineers will be bringing the updated Town Center Intersection planning and engineering to the council for a presentation and update on pedestrian and traffic safety improvements. 

Respectfully submitted,

Matthew E. Sturgis

Town Manager



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