Fort Williams Park Master Plan Update 2021 Approved

The Fort Williams Park Master Plan Update 2021 was approved by the Town Council on Monday, November 8, 2021 with a vote of 5-0.  The Fort Williams Park Committee began the process in September of 2020.  Since that time the committee held a series of meetings, meetings with stakeholders, and conducted an extensive community survey.  The Town Council reviewed the Master Plan Update on workshops held over September 8 and October 6.  A complete list of meetings, documents, and videos is available on the Fort Williams Park Master Plan Update 2021 page.

 The data derived from these efforts helped established three goals for the update:

1. Community: Prioritize and enhance Fort Williams Park for the year-round enjoyment of all local residents.

2. Access:  Advance safe access, circulation, and easy way finding for all Fort Williams Park guests.

3. Resources:  Preserve, protect, promote, and enhance Fort Williams Park's natural, scenic, and historical resources.

With assistance from Richardson & Associates, Landscape Architects, the committee identified and prioritized 80 recommendations that range from simple and affordable, to complex -- with some items costing more than $1 million.  The update and recommendations within are intended to be used as a guiding document. CIP action items and budget requests associated with them will follow.  

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