Volunteer Update for Outer Loop Boardwalk Community Replacement Project

The Outer Loop Boardwalk Project final preparations are underway and some volunteers are adding this project to their September calendar. The Cape Elizabeth Conservation Committee is taking on its largest boardwalk project yet, and asking the community to help replace the Gull Crest Outer Loop boardwalk (900+’). Volunteers and volunteer teams are needed to carry in 620 boards from September 8th through September 12th. 

Update: Following a site visit with the Maine Conservation Corps (MCC) Team leadership, the volunteer effort has been refined to carrying in wood for no more than 10 minutes. MCC will handle boardwalk dismantling and removal. Volunteers can access the site via the greenbelt trail connection located at the back of the Public Works Facility (park at Gull Crest). Volunteers will then walk on the greenbelt trail to the lumber staging area. The carry-in time is less than 10 minutes to place boardwalk to the north of the existing boardwalk, ready for installation by the MCC crew.

Several residents have indicated an interest in getting their neighborhood together to help carry in wood. Team leaders should contact the town planner with the day and time your team will be volunteering so that a Conservation Committee member can meet you onsite. 

Town Planner Email or phone 207-799-0115

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