Fort Williams Park Master Plan - Get involved and make a difference

On Thursday, Sept. 24, 2020, the Fort Williams Park Committee and members from Richardson & Associates Landscape Architects met at the Picnic Shelter in Fort Williams Park to kick off the park's Master Plan Update.

This introductory meeting involved activities designed to begin identifying favorite areas, over-utilized areas and under-utilized areas in the park. As the development of the plan continues, additional input will be sought from the many valued stakeholders of this beautiful park we call home. 

Fort Williams Park is a very special place for so many people. The park has beautiful open spaces, a network of trails, spectacular views and a rich history, not to mention its bold, rocky Maine coastline and the iconic Portland Head Light.

The team of Richardson & Associates; Gorrill Palmer Engineers; and Scott Simons Architects, will work closely with the town of Cape Elizabeth, the Fort Williams Park Committee and the public to update the Master Plan that will shape the future of the park. 

"This planning effort will benefit greatly from your input," said Kathy Raftice, director of Community Services and Fort Williams Park. 

Get Involved and Make a Difference! by sending your e-mail address to to have your voice heard and to receive periodic updates and announcements regarding progress and upcoming meetings.

Members of the Fort Williams Park Committee and Richardson & Associations Landscape Architects met Sept. 24 to begin work on the Master Plan Update for the park.(photo courtesy Kathy Raftice)

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