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  • The Town Council voted March 11, 2013 to remove the Community Services Advisory Commission from the Town's boards and commissions ordinance [news story]
  • On Feb. 8, 2016, the Town Council voted to confirm that community services become a municipal department at the recommendation of the town manager. [video]

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Staff Contact: Kathy Raftice, Director of Community Services and Fort Williams Park

Meeting Materials

Agendas, minutes, supporting documents if available


Community Services Advisory Commission Members:  
Carolyn Flaherty (School)    12/31/2012  
Courtney Thoreck (School)   12/31/2012  
Susan Haversat (Town)    12/31/2013  
Michael J. O’Connor (Town)    12/31/2013  
Elizabeth Mylroie (School)   12/31/2014  
Nikki Dresser (Town)   12/31/2014  
Fred Sturtevant (School)    12/31/2014  

Sara W. Lennon Town Council liaison  


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New appointments effective 01/01/12 (Approved Dec. 12, 2011)

# - Serving unexpired term
* - Serving second/third term

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