The following is an update on the 2020 Town-wide revaluation from the Cape Elizabeth Town Assessor, Clinton Swett, DATED APRIL 29, 2021:

I’m sure many of you are wondering what happened to our 2020 Town-wide revaluation that was planned? Like so many other things, it was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and has been postponed until Spring of 2022.  As much as I would like to begin field inspections this year, it's still simply too soon to assume a return to normal

With that in mind, I’m using this delay as an opportunity to complete some behind the scenes work that includes Building and Land Cost Tables; updating our garage and outbuilding values; digitally sketching each structure; and working with our vendor, Northern Data Systems (NDS), to update our Assessing database. Regardless, no new values will be rolled out until the completion of the revaluation in the Fall of 2022.

Currently, sales are very robust in the Cape Elizabeth area as our certified ratio for this upcoming tax season is 76% of market value.  That translates to all exemptions (homestead, veteran, blind, and tree growth values) being adjusted by 76%; once the revaluation is complete, those exemptions will jump back to 100% of their value.



At 100%

80% (2020)

76% (2021)

Homestead Exemption




Veteran Exemption




Blind Exemption





I’m also in the process of completing field work and following up on building permits that were started or completed for this upcoming tax commitment season. Rest assured, I am wearing a mask, exercising social distancing, or simply doing drive-by assessing in those cases where it's feasible. I’m also taking every opportunity with homeowners I meet to update them regarding the revaluation delay and encouraging them to spread the word among their neighbors.

The State of Maine has introduced a new exemption program geared toward homes with solar panels and inverters, titled the Application for Renewable Energy Equipment Exemption [Title 36 MRS § 655(1)(U) & 656 (1)(K)]. The application is available for download here and on the State of Maine website.  Please reach out to the Assessing Office with any questions via email or phone 207.799.1619. 

Letter of Postponement, from Cape Elizabeth Town Assessor, Clinton Swett, DATED MARCH 25, 2020