NOVEMBER 27, 2012
7 PM
04:48 A. Call to Order
04:59 B. Approve the minutes of October 23, 2012
09:25 C. Old Business
22:18 1. To hear an administrative appeal by the Shore Acres Improvement Association, represented by James Morra, of the Code Enforcement Officer’s issuance of Building Permit #130072 that allows the construction of a boulder wall and deposit of fill within the Shore Acres Community deeded right of way at 29 Pilot Point Road, Tax Map U12, Lot 69
21:20 D. Communications
-- Notice of 80B Appeal of Maynard J. Murphy and Deborah N Howe Murphy v. Sandra and Brian Livingston and ZBA
02:21:18 - Recess
02:24:57 - End Recess
E. New Business
02:46:08 1. To hear an administrative appeal by Harold and Mary Friedman of the Code Enforcement Officer issuance of Building Permit #120434 for an expansion of a structure of 40 Surf Road Tax map: U05 Lot 42 regarding the area and volume of the structure, the building footprint and the building height.
2. [WITHDRAWN - To hear a request for a variance from Glenn and Rachel Reeves from the provisions of Article IV, Sec. 19-4-3 (A) to reduce the required site setback from 25 feet to 10 feet for a lot at 9 Beach Bluff Terrace, Tax map: U10 Lot 15.]
02:28:37 3. To hear a request for a variance from Jackie and Geoff Dennis from the provision of Article IV. Sec. 19-6-1 to reduce the site setback to 17 feet on the east side of the lot and 20 feet on the west site from the required 25 feet. This is at 5 Ironclad Road Tax map U8 Lot 6.
04:18:51 F. Adjournment