Cape Elizabeth Town Council Special Meeting

Agenda Wednesday, January 23, 2019

7:00 p.m.  Cape Elizabeth Town Hall

Council Chambers

James M. “Jamie” Garvin, Chairman Valerie J. Deveraux Jeremy A. Gabrielson Caitlin R. Jordan Penelope A. Jordan Valerie A. Randall Christopher M. Straw

The petition was submitted pursuant to the Town of Cape Elizabeth, Maine Council-Manager Charter
Article VIII Initiative and Referendum Sec. 3 Petition for Enactment of Ordinance

Sec. 3. Petition for enactment of ordinance. Subject to the provisions of Section 1, not less than 10% of the registered voters of the town may at any time petition over their personal signatures for the enactment of any proposed lawful ordinance by filing such petition including the complete text of such ordinance with the town clerk. The council shall call a public hearing to be held within 30 days from the date of filing of such petition with the town clerk and shall, within 30 days after said public hearing, designate a time and place for the purpose of submitting to a referendum vote the question of adopting such ordinance, unless prior to the referendum vote, such ordinance shall be enacted by the council. Such ordinance shall take effect on the 10th day after the conclusion of such referendum provided a majority of those voting thereon shall have voted in the affirmative.


Any such proposed ordinance shall be examined by the town attorney before being submitted to
referendum. The town attorney is authorized to correct the form of such proposed ordinance for the purpose of avoiding repetitions, illegalities and unconstitutional provisions and to assure accuracy in its text and references and clearness and preciseness in its phraseology, but the attorney shall not materially change its meaning and effect.

Pursuant to the charter the council shall call a public hearing within 30 days from the date of filing such petition. On January 14, 2019 the town council set a public hearing for this evening.

No action will be taken at the public hearing. Pursuant to town council rules, comments shall be limited to three minutes per person; however, the time may be extended by majority vote of councilors present.

Pursuant to the charter within 30 days after the public hearing the town council shall designate a time and place for the referendum election, unless prior to the referendum vote, such ordinance is enacted by the council. An item will be placed on the February 11, 2019 council agenda.


Citizens may at this point in the meeting raise any topic that is not on the agenda that pertains to Cape Elizabeth local government.