Cape Elizabeth Town Council Agenda
Monday, March 13, 2017
7:00 p.m.
Cape Elizabeth Town Hall

James M. “Jamie” Garvin, Chairman
Patricia K. Grennon
Caitlin R. Jordan
Penelope A. Jordan
Sara W. Lennon
Katharine N. Ray
Jessica L. Sullivan
00:02 Convening by Town Councilor Chairman James M. “Jamie” Garvin
00:05 Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
00:28 Roll Call by the Town Clerk
00:41 Town Council Reports and Correspondence
01:30 Finance Committee Report 
Dashboard and Financial Reports as of 2/28/2017
02:39 Citizen Opportunity for Discussion of Items Not on the Agenda
02:48 Town Manager’s Monthly Report
05:27       Review of Draft Minutes of February 15, 2017
05:45 Deferred from 2/15/2017
Item #50-2017            Tower Overlay District Request for Rezoning at 19 Wells Road
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Global Signal Acquisitions IV, LLC (“Crown”) has made application to the town for a Tower Overlay District at 19 Wells Road, Map R05 Lot 30. The applicant has paid the $100.00 application fee. It would be in order to refer to the planning board pursuant to 19-10-3 of the zoning ordinance.
23:16 Item #55-2017            Request for Rezoning at 27 Fowler Road
The town has received a request from Bradley C. Pearson, the owner of Anything Goes, to rezone the property at 27 Fowler Road in order to relocate and run the business from this location. The applicant has paid the $100.00 application fee. It would be in order to refer to the planning board pursuant to 19-10-3 of the zoning ordinance.
33:01 Item #56-2017            Extension of License for Spurwink Rod & Gun Club
The town council will consider extending the license to operate the Spurwink Rod & Gun Club for a period of 90 days effective 3/13/2017.
56:48 Item #57-2017            Small Cell Telecommunication Infrastructure
The Town has received an application to install a utility pole “small-cell” wireless telecommunications device on Richmond Terrace. The Town Council will need to discuss what the town’s policy should be regarding provision of wireless services to town residents via “small-cell” technology and refer to the planning board for review of existing zoning ordinance provisions for revision as needed.
01:10:23 Item #58-2017            Appointments Committee Recommendation

It is recommended to approve the recommendations of the appointments committee to fill the vacancies on the recycling committee (2) and Thomas Memorial Library committee (1).  Said terms are effective immediately and expire 12/31/2019.
            Recycling Committee
            Chelsea K. Torrey     16 Linwood Street
            Tim Trachimowicz     1 Granite Ridge Road

            Thomas Memorial Library Committee
            Gwyneth Maguire       6 Olde Colony Lane
01:12:32 Item #59-2017            Proposed Municipal Budget 
The town manager will submit the proposed FY 2018 municipal budget and it is recommended that it be referred to the finance committee.
01:23:28 Citizens may at this point in the meeting raise any topic that is not on the agenda that pertains to Cape Elizabeth local government.
01:23:46 Adjournment