Cape Elizabeth Town Council Agenda
Monday, December 14, 2015
7:00 p.m.
Cape Elizabeth Town Hall
James M. “Jamie” Garvin
Patricia K. Grennon
Caitlin R. Jordan
Sara W. Lennon
Martha “Molly” MacAuslan
Katharine N. Ray
Jessica L. Sullivan

Convening by 2015 Town Council Chairman Katharine N. Ray
The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
Administration of Oaths by the Town Clerk Debra M. Lane
Oaths of Office for Elected Officials Elected on November 3, 2015
Cape Elizabeth Town Council
James M. “Jamie” Garvin
Sara W. Lennon
Jessica L. Sullivan
00:01 (in progress) Cape Elizabeth School Board
Heather W. Altenburg
Elizabeth K. Scifres
John C. Voltz
00:23 Roll Call by the Town Clerk
01:06 Item# 1-2016  Election of Town Council Chair   

The caucus recommends Molly MacAuslan

On this and the other items relating to council organization, the names listed are the persons who appeared to be the consensus choices at the town council caucus held on November 18, 2015.
03:07 Recognition of 2015 Town Council Chair Katharine N. Ray
06:29 Town Council Reports and Correspondence
06:39 Finance Committee Report
09:12 Citizen Opportunity for Discussion of Items Not on the Agenda
09:24 Town Manager’s Monthly Report
10:10        Review of   Draft Minutes of November 4, 2015 Minutes    
11:26 Item# 2-2016  Adoption of  Town Council Rules    
12:00 Item# 3-2016  Appointment of the Finance Committee
Katharine N. Ray as chairman and the Council as a whole to serve as the finance committee
12:36 Item# 4-2016  Appointment of an Ordinance Committee
Caitlin Jordan as chairman and Sara Lennon and Jessica Sullivan as members
14:41 Item# 5-2016  Appointment of an Appointments Committee
Patricia A. Grennon as chairman and Jamie Garvin and Katharine N. Ray as members  
15:17 Consent Agenda
Items # 6-18 will be considered en bloc.  The council chair will entertain a single motion to approve Items # 6-18.  Any councilor may request for any item to be removed from the consent list and be separately voted.
Item# 6-2016 Appointment of Representatives to ecomaine Board of Directors
Jamie Garvin and Michael K. McGovern for terms to expire on December 31, 2018  
Item# 7-2016 Appointment of Representative to Greater Portland Council of Governments General Assembly and Metro Coalition
Jessica L. Sullivan
Item# 8-2016  Appointment of Representative to PACTS Policy Committee
Michael K. McGovern
Item# 9-2016 Appointment of Representative to MMA Legislative Policy Committee and MMA Convention Delegate
Jessica L. Sullivan
Item# 10-2016 Appointment of Representative to Thomas Memorial Library Foundation
Jamie Garvin
Item# 11-2016 Appointment of Representative to Greater Portland Economic Development Corporation 
Michael K. McGovern
Item# 12-2016 Appointment of Representative to Portland Jetport Noise Advisory Committee
Jamie Garvin
Item# 13-2016 Appointment of Representatives to Thomas Jordan Grants Subcommittee
Caitlin R. Jordan to 12/17 (And Designated as Chair)
Patricia Grennon to 12/18
Molly MacAuslan to 12/16
Item# 14-2016 Appointment of Vice Chair of Museum at Portland Head Light
Katharine N. Ray
Council Chair Molly MacAuslan is Chair per the by-laws.  
Item# 15-2016 Appointment of Members of the Firing Range Committee
Caitlin R. Jordan and Sara W. Lennon
Item# 16-2016 Designation of Town Council Liaisons to Boards and Commissions for 2016
The responsibility of a Town Council Liaison in 2016 includes the following:

A liaison is not a committee member and does not participate in any votes.
Board                                                              2016 Town Council Liaison
Conservation Commission                               Molly MacAuslan
Fort Williams Advisory Commission               Jessica Sullivan
Planning Board                                                            Katharine N. Ray
Recycling Committee                                       Sara W. Lennon
Riverside Memorial Cemetery Trustees                       Jamie Garvin
Thomas Memorial Library Trustees                 Patricia Grennon
Zoning Board of Appeals                                Caitlin Jordan
Item# 17-2016  Code of Ethics
Town Council Rules provide that each council member will annually sign an attestation that they have read and understand the Council Code of Ethics.  They will do so at this point in the meeting.
Item# 18-2016            Schedule of Council Meetings for 2016
            It is recommended to approve the following regular meeting dates for the council year 2016:
            Regular meetings
            December 14, 2015
January 4, 2016
February 8, 2016
March 14, 2016
April 11, 2016
May 9, 2016
June 13, 2016
July 11, 2016
August 8, 2016
September 12, 2016
October 12, 2016
November 14, 2016
December 12, 2016
Workshop Meetings:  These are dates to hold on calendars but may be changed or cancelled. They are not proposed to be formally approved as part of this item.
January 7, 2016
February 1, 2016
March 21 and 22, 2016 (Finance Committee)
April 26 and 27, 2016 (Finance Committee)
May 23, 2016
June 22, 2016
September 7, 2016
October 5, 2016
November 14, 2016 (Includes caucus for 2017 Council)
December 15, 2016
17:52 Item# 19-2016            Appointments to Boards and Commissions

Board Recommendation Address TermExpires Appointment
New appointments are effective January 1, 2016.
Board of Assessment Review John McAnuff 65 Stonybrook Road 12/31/2018 Reappointment
Board of Assessment Review David B. Scheffler 12 Pheasant Hill Road 12/31/2016 New Appointment
Conservation Commission Marti Blair 3 Cedar Ledge Road 12/31/2018 Reappointment
Conservation Commission Mitch Wacksman 9 Bayberry Lane 12/31/2018 Reappointment
Fort Williams Advisory Commission Mark D. Russell 8 Sweet Fern Road 12/31/2018 Reappointment
Fort Williams Advisory Commission Stephen T. Lyons 52 Scott Dyer Road 12/31/2018 New Appointment
Fort Williams Advisory Commission Donald E. Clark 618 Shore Road 12/31/2016 New Appointment
Fort Williams Advisory Commission Charles Wilson 337 Mitchell Road 12/31/2016 New Appointment
Personnel Appeals Board Dawn M. Harmon 16 Hillcrest Drive 12/31/2018 Reappointment
Personnel Appeals Board Patricia Rzeszutko 6 Waumbek Road 12/31/2017 New Appointment
Planning Board Carol Anne Jordan 21 Wells Road 12/31/2018 Reappointment
Planning Board Jonathan Sahrbeck 60 Longfellow Drive 12/31/2018 Reappointment
Planning Board Victoria Volent 58 Cottage Farms Road 12/31/2018 Reappointment
Recycling Committee Matthew Faulkner 61 Beach Bluff Terrace 12/31/2018 New Appointment
Recycling Committee Aubrey Miller 2 Pine Ridge Road 12/31/2018 New Appointment
Riverside Memorial Cemetery Trustees Jessie Timberlake 29 Oakhurst Road 12/31/2018 Reappointment
Thomas Memorial Library Trustees Deborah Peck 21 Cottage Farms Road 12/31/2018 New Appointment
Thomas Memorial Library Trustees Becky Fernald 313 Mitchell Road 12/31/2018 New Appointment
Zoning Board of Appeals Matthew Caton 15 Hannaford Cove Road 12/31/2018 Reappointment
Zoning Board of Appeals Aaron Mosher 6 Leighton Farm Road 12/31/2018 Reappointment
Fair Hearing Officer David Sherman 876 Shore Road 12/31/2018 New Appointment
Fair Hearing Officer is appointed by the municipal officers however is not a standing board.
It is recommended the appointment is effective immediately as the position is vacant.

20:24 Item# 20-2016            Purpoodock Club Annual Licenses  
It is proposed to approve the annual malt, vinous, spirituous, mobile service bar and special amusement permits for the Purpoodock Club located at 300 Spurwink Avenue
21:39 Item# 21-2016            Analysis of Spurwink Church Intersection
Town Engineer Stephen Harding will be present to review an analysis that was undertaken of the Spurwink Church intersection.  The study was prepared in response to a town council goal for 2015. Related materials may be found at this link.  
01:00:09 Item# 22-2016            Confirmation of Town Manager’s Appointment of a Library Director
The Council-Manager Charter of the Town of Cape Elizabeth provides that department heads are appointed by the town manager subject to the approval of the town council.  I recommend approval of the appointment of Kyle Neugebauer as Library Director for the Thomas Memorial Library effective January 23, 2016.  Link to Resume Link to Cover Letter   
01:05:54 Item# 23-2016            Annual Acceptance  of Gifts  
It is proposed to accept gifts received in 2015 with appreciation.
01:07:27 Item# 24-2016            Reuse Suggestions for Former Library Building  
In early February 2016, the original Thomas Memorial Library building will be available for reuse as the new library is occupied.  A recent survey of citizens showed strong support (52%) for a new "public use" of the building as opposed to demolishing it (17%) or for renting it out to the private sector. (24%)  ​  On October 22nd, the town manager  wrote to all municipal departments and to the school department to obtain suggestions for public reuses of the buildings.  He  also reached out to the Cape Elizabeth Historical Preservation Society.  Further, there was publicity on this review in a number of the community newspapers.  Attached in the link in the heading are the suggestions received in response to the outreach. 
01:12:06 Citizen Opportunity for Discussion of Items Not on the Agenda
01:12:21 Adjournment
Following the adjournment, the town council will hold a workshop meeting to review progress on council goals for 2016. Link to Draft Goals