Cape Elizaeth Town Council Agenda
Wednesday, October 14, 2015
7:00 p.m.
Cape Elizabeth Town Hall

00:01 Convening by Town Council Chair Katharine N. Ray
00:34 Roll Call by the Town Clerk
00:53 Legislative Sentiment to 250th Anniversary Committee
04:39 Town Council Reports and Correspondence
09:15 Finance Committee Report:
Link to Budget Expenses   and Revenues  
Link to  Dashboard   
11:27 Link to Audited Financial Statement for June 30, 2015  
12:00 Citizen Opportunity for Discussion of Items Not on the Agenda
16:53 Town Manager’s Monthly Report
23:41        Review of   Draft Minutes of September 14, 2015  meeting.  

24:10 Item # 105       Tabled September 14, 2015  
Recommendation from the Firing Range Committee
Draft Motion from Town Attorney
The town council will consider the license application of the Spurwink Road and Gun Club. 
01:19:45 - Recess
01:23:40 Public Hearing:  Annual Update of General Assistance Appendices
01:24:01 Item # 116       Annual Update of General Assistance Appendices    
Each year the Maine Municipal Association works with the Maine Department of Health and Human Services to update the allowed amounts for general assistance.  It is recommended to adopt the updated appendices.
01:25:00 Public Hearing: Proposed Land Use Amendments and Update Sewer Service Area Map and Transfer of Development Rights Map
01:46:34 - Hearing Begins
01:46:56 Item # 117       Proposed Land Use Amendments and Updated Sewer Service Area  Map and Transfer of Development Rights Map 
The ordinance committee completed its review of the planning board’s proposed land use amendments    and amendments to the sewer service area map and the transfer of development rights map.  The council will consider comments expressed during the public hearing on this item.
 TO: Michael McGovern, Town Manager
FROM:      Maureen O'Meara, Town Planner
DATE:       October 6, 2015
SUBJECT: Land Use Amendments with drawings

The proposed Land Use Amendments include Architectural Standards for Multiplex structures, a new provision to be added to the Zoning Ordinance. The Architectural standards include both a written standard and illustrations. The current draft has pictures as placeholders for the illustrations intended to be added. The  Map and Line Drawings   have now been completed as line drawings and have replaced the placeholder pictures in the draft Land Use Amendments package (pages 20-22).
01:47:40 Item # 118       Village Green Zoning Amendment Proposal  
The planning board has recommended an amendment to the Zoning Ordinance relating to village greens.  It is recommended that the proposal be referred to the ordinance committee.
01:55:19 Item # 119       Report  from the Ordinance Committee on the Special Events Ordinance  
The ordinance committee has completed its review of the proposed zoning ordinance provisions relating to holding for a fee non-family/non friends large rental events in residentially zoned  areas.  A zoning overlay map is also part of the proposal.
01:58:47 Item # 120       Review of Boards and Commissions Ordinance   
As a result of a discussion at a town council workshop, it is recommended to request the ordinance  committee to review the boards and commissions ordinance for a general review and updating.

  01:59:44 Item # 121       Updated Pavement Management Plan 
The largest single ongoing component of our capital stewardship plan is taking care of our roads, drainage infrastructure and sidewalks.   It  is recommended to acknowledge receipt of the plan.
Narrative Description
List of Proposed Projects
When All Roads were Last Paved   
02:12:47 Item # 122       Update of Pay Classification Plan  
The town manager is recommending a routine update to the pay classification plan.  A major update was done last year and this update simply adjusts each amount by the 2.5% adjustment already approved in the current budget.
02:14:13 Item # 123       2015 Goals-Update on Progress  
Attached is an update on the status of 2015 town council goals.
02:14:27 Item # 124       Appointments Committee Report
The Appointments Committee is recommending a vacancy be filled on the Zoning Board of Appeals
John K. Craford, 97 Stonybrook Road to 12/31/2016
02:15:15 Item # 125       Request From Councilor Walsh 

With the many capital projects (bleacher demolition,Amphitheater construction,bathrooms,a possible welcome center,sidewalks,the Goddard repurpose to name a few) and the a possible request for additional ranger activity for the dog park, I respectfully request that the Town Council revisit the "Pay and Display" system for installation at Fort Williams Park.

This request is for staff to immediately do the research on current technologies available,survey peer parks like ours, prepare a pro forma projection of potential revenues and report back at the November TC meeting for consideration and possible vote.

All Cape Elizabeth residents would display the current transfer sticker in their auto and be exempted from having to pay and display while visiting the park.

02:34:32 Citizen Opportunity for Discussion of Items Not on the Agenda
02:35:09 Adjournment

Future Meetings:  Topics are subject to change so please check for updates.

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