Cape Elizabeth Town Council Agenda
Monday, August 10, 2015
7:00 p.m.
Cape Elizabeth Town Hall
The town council will be meeting in a workshop session  at 6:00 p.m.  No item on the regular agenda below will be considered at the workshop.  The report on the Spurwink Road and Gun Club will not be discussed until the 7:00 p.m. regular meeting.
00:01 Convening by Town Council Chair Katharine N. Ray
00:31 Roll Call by the Town Clerk
00:48 Town Council Reports and Correspondence

04:47 Finance Committee Report: Link to   July 31, 2015 Financial Reports  
05:23 Citizen Opportunity for Discussion of Items Not on the Agenda
08:43 Town Manager’s Monthly Report
10:21        Review of   Draft Minutes of  July 13, 2015   meeting.  
10:47 Item # 97         Ocean House Pizza  Liquor License Renewal  
Ocean House Pizza is applying for a renewal of their malt and vinous license at 337 Ocean House Road.
11:27 Item # 98         Recommendation from the Firing Range Committee
The town council has set a public hearing for Monday, September 14, 2014 on the report of the Firing Range Committee which submitted a recommendation and findings  last month relating to the permit of the Spurwink Rod and Gun Club.  At last month’s meeting, the council asked staff to invite Rick LaRosa who conducted a safety evaluation of the firing range to this meeting to provide an overview of his report and to answer any questions from the council.  Additional information may be found at this link.  
54:05 Recess
57:47 Item # 99         Report of the Planning Board Regarding Paper Streets  It is recommended that the town council acknowledge receipt of the report, thank the board  for its considerable work and refer the recommendations to a town council workshop to be scheduled.   The comments from the Conservation Commission  are available at this link.  
01:07:43 Item # 100       Miscellaneous Technical Amendments Review Request  
The planning board is recommending  that it be authorized to review various ordinance technical amendments.
01:09:38 Item # 101       Eastman Meadows Affordable Housing Units Recommendation    
The town manager is recommending that the town council waive the town’s right to purchase two affordable housing units at Eastman Meadows that have remained unsold for some time. The two units could be sold to non-qualified buyers at market rates with any excess over $395,022 for each unit to be provided to the town for other affordable housing.  
01:17:33 Item # 102       Demolition of Bleachers at Fort Williams Park  
The town council at a recent workshop heard a proposal from the   Fort Williams Advisory Commission to construct a new amphitheater at the site of the current bleachers at the parade ground at Fort Williams Park.  The council asked the commission to review the phasing of the project so that demolition of the bleachers could be done as a first phase with actual construction of an amphitheater to occur  in about two years. The commission reviewed a consultant's estimate  to remove the bleachers at a cost of $120,000 including contingency and fees and has provided its recommendation.  The town manager has also asked the consultant for a modified proposal that would retain for now the small section of the bleachers used for high school graduation while demolishing the remainder of the bleachers and while still planning for the amphitheater.  The proposal will be distributed and posted online when available.
01:42:30 Item # 103       Proposed Lease Agreement of Space at Office Building at Front of Community Center  
Wagner Law is requesting a renewal of its lease of space at 343 Ocean House Road for its law offices. The lease would be for three years until July 31, 2018. 
01:49:12 Item # 104       Request for Poverty Abatement of Property Taxes
It is recommended the council vote to enter executive session in conformance with 1 MRSA §405 6 F to review a request for a poverty abatement
01:48:35 Citizen Opportunity for Discussion of Items Not on the Agenda