Town Council
Meeting July 13, 2015
Town Hall 7 p.m.
00:03 Convening by Town Council Chair Katharine N. Ray
00:32 Roll Call by the Town Clerk
00:50 Town Council Reports and Correspondence
01:04 Finance Committee Report: Link to   Year End Preliminary Financial Reports  
02:05 Citizen Opportunity for Discussion of Items Not on the Agenda
02:18 Town Manager’s Monthly Report
03:36        Review of   Draft Minutes of  June 15, 2015 meeting.  

05:03 Item # 86         Recommendation from the Firing Range Committee
The Firing Range Committee has submitted a recommendation and findings  relating to the permit of the Spurwink Rod and Gun Club.  It is recommended a public hearing be set for August 10th or September 14th.
SEC. 24-12-1. MUNICIPAL HEARING   Following receipt of the Firing Range Committee’s recommendation, the municipal officers shall hold a public hearing to determine whether to issue a license. Such license will be valid for one year. Prior to the license’s expiration, the Shooting Range Facility will be reinspected by the Firing Range Committee. In the event that any Shooting Range Facility, either new or existing is found to be in noncompliance with this Ordinance or rules and any regulations adopted by the Firing Range Committee and approved by the Town Council, no new license will be issued until said Facility is brought into compliance and any existing license will be declared void.
15:53 Item # 87         Report of the Senior Citizens Advisory Committee  
It is recommended that the town council acknowledge receipt of the report, thank the committee for its considerable work and refer the recommendations to a town council workshop to be scheduled.  An earlier PowerPoint presentation is available at this link.  
21:27 Item # 88         Proposed Special Events Ordinance Provisions  
The planning board is recommending    ordinance provisions which would permit "special event" uses in limited areas.   It is recommended to refer this proposal to the ordinance committee for review and a recommendation back to the town council. 
31:35 Item # 89         Thomas Memorial Library Electronic Use Policy   
The trustees of the Thomas Memorial Library are recommending approval of amendments to the Library Electronic Use Policy.
37:28 Item # 90         Center Line on Fort Williams Park Entrance Road
A citizen has requested that a center line be painted on the entrance road of Fort Williams Park. The town manager denied the request and Councilor Sullivan has requested a council review of that decision.  
49:01 Item # 91         Update on Council Goal Related to Mediation
A working group has presented a report  for council consideration.
57:19 Item # 92         Fee Updates
The town manager after reviewing fees with department heads is recommending a few updates to various municipal fees.  It is recommended the fees be effective September 1, 2015.
01:01:15 Item # 93         Carry Forward Amounts
 The town manager is recommending amounts to be “carried forward” into the new fiscal year.
01:07:54 Item # 94         Mitigation work on Combined Sewer Overflow
 The town manager is recommending $350,000 be allocated within the sewer user fund for mitigating the combined sewer overflow at Ottawa Road.  The town council had a presentation   on this issue at its June workshop.
01:12:03 Item # 95         Lease Amendment for Spurwink Road Pump Station  
The Portland Water District is requesting a lease amendment for a drainage line at their pump station on Spurwink Avenue across from the treatment plant.
01:15:14   Citizen Opportunity for Discussion of Items Not on the Agenda
01:16:33 Adjournment