Cape Elizabeth Town Council
February 9, 2015
7 p.m.
Cape Elizabeth Town Hall
Convening by Town Council Chair Katharine N. Ray
00:32 Roll Call by the Town Clerk
00:51 Town Council Reports and Correspondence
03:21 Finance Committee Report
05:28 Citizen Opportunity for Discussion of Items Not on the Agenda
05:37 Town Manager’s Monthly Report
08:52 Review of   Draft Minutes of   January 12, 2015  meeting.  
11:09 Item # 33-2015                       Request to Extend Deadline of Planning Board Review of Special Events Ordinance
Councilor Wagner brought to the council’s attention at your last meeting  the desire of the planning board to receive an extension of their time period to review the draft special events ordinance. The current deadline is March 31, 2015. 
13:09 Item # 34-2015                       Winnick Woods New Trail Request  
The conservation commission would like to install a new trail at the Winnick Woods Conservation area.  
Item # 35-2015                       Paper Streets  
A report on the status of paper streets may be found here but please be alerted it is a large file.   A list of the streets may be found here.   Paper copies will be printed and provided  to council members and  will be made available to the public at cost.     It is proposed to refer this item to a future town council workshop meeting.
18:58 Item # 36-2015                       Political Signs on Traffic Islands  
The Town Council referred to the Ordinance Committee a review of the Sign Ordinance regulation of political signs. Advice from Town Attorney Tom Leahy was reviewed, as well as the current Sign Ordinance at the January 16, 2015 meeting. The Ordinance Committee voted 3-0 to remove the prohibition on political sign placement in the public right-of-way, and agreed to retain the six-week time restriction. It is proposed to refer their proposal to a public hearing on Monday, March 9, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at the Cape Elizabeth Town Hall. 
Sign Ordinance
Chapter 21
Article II  Permitted Signs
Sec. 21-2-1  Signs Allowed in All Zones Without a Permit.  The following signs shall be allowed in all Zoning Districts without a permit:
(c) Political signs announcing
candidates seeking public office, political parties, and/or political and
public issues contained on a ballot may, within the public right-of-way, be
erected no earlier than six weeks before an election and must be removed within
one week after the election.  No political signs shall be placed on the pavement
of a public roadway or bikeway, on traffic islands, nor on Town-owned property
except signs authorized by the Town Clerk of Cape Elizabeth to indicate the
date, time and place of polling.
 Political signs as contemplated in this sub-section shall be limited to eight (8) square feet per exposed face, or 16
square feet in total area, per sign, with the maximum horizontal measurement
being four (4) feet.  The maximum sign height shall not exceed three and one-half (3 1/2) feet.  Signs authorized by the Town Clerk of Cape Elizabeth indicating the date, time and
place of polling are allowed.
[Amended Eff. 10/12/2005]
20:47 Item # 37-2015           Speed Limits in Town Center Area and on Shore Road at the South Portland line
Councilor Grennon and the chief of police will present an update on findings   related to speed limits in the town center area and on Shore Road at the South Portland line.  Any change in speed limits could only occur upon the council sending a letter to the Maine Department of Transportation petitioning for a change in a speed limit.  MDOT would then review any such request and decide the speed limit to be implemented.
01:02:17 Item # 38-2015           Renewal of Agreement  for the William H. Jordan Farm, LLC to Continue to Operate the Composting Program at the Recycling Center 
The William H. Jordan Farm has operated the composting program at the recycling center since February 2005 after another firm began the program in late 2000.  This program saves the town labor and equipment costs, provides a significant organic recycling opportunity and helps to preserve one of our family farms.  The successor agreement is for the next five years.
01:04:10 Item # 39-2015                       Fort Williams Park Use Requests for 2015

Cape Elizabeth Little League March 25 to Mid July Fields per November 14th Letter
Cape Elizabeth High School June 3‐7, 2015 Graduation Practice and Commencement
Family Fun Day June 13 and Raindate
Taste of the Nation ‐Maine June 28, 2015 Event Per January 12th Letter 
TD Beach to Beacon 10K July 28‐August 2 Event Per November 24th Letter 
Engine Company One Art Show September 6, 2015 Art Show Per December 20th Letter
Lucy Fund 5K October 17, 2015 Race per December 16th Letter 
American Cancer Society October 18, 2015 5K Walk per December 15th Letter 

The fees are based on the fee schedule and intended use of spaces. All fees were reviewed by the Fort Williams Advisory Commission.  The council previously approved a Portland Symphony Orchestra Concert sponsored by the 250th Anniversary Committee and the Fort Williams Foundation on August 29, 2015.
01:05:42 Citizen Opportunity for Discussion of Items Not on the Agenda
The council will recess into workshop format and will have a public workshop to discuss the recent findings of the study undertaken to take actions to eliminate the combined sewer overflow at Ottawa Road.   
01:05:53 Item # 40-2015                       Town Manager’s Annual Evaluation 
Draft Motion: Ordered the Cape Elizabeth Town Council in conformance with 1 MRSA §405 6 A. hereby enters into executive session to continue the annual evaluation process for the town manager. 
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