Regular Meeting # 5-2010

Cape Elizabeth Town Hall

Monday, May 10, 2010

7:30 p.m.

00:11 Roll Call by the Town Clerk

Anne E. Swift-Kayatta, Chair 14 Stone Bridge Road 767-5754 12/2011
Frank J. Governali 18 Old Ocean House Road 799-5842 12/2010
Penelope A. Jordan 349 Fowler Road 671-5341 12/2010
Sara W. Lennon 54 Cranbrook Drive 741-5139 12/2012
David S. Sherman, Jr. 74 Hunts Point Road 749-2668 12/2011
Jessica L. Sullivan 38 Cranbrook Drive 774-0115 12/2012
James T. Walsh 23 Rock Crest Drive 799-6730 12/2012

00:29 The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
00:54 Town Council Reports and Correspondence
04:54 Citizen Opportunity for Discussion of Items Not on the Agenda

05:10 Town Manager’s Report
12:49 Review of Minutes of Meeting held April 12, 2010

13:17 Public Hearing: Agricultural Uses Proposed Amendments
23:07 Open Hearing

26:23 Item# 57-2010 Agricultural Amendments
The Town Council will consider public hearing comments on the proposed amendments to the Zoning Ordinance regarding agricultural uses.

31:15 Item# 58-2010 Inn by the Sea Licenses
The Inn by the Sea’s annual malt, vinous and spirituous licenses are to be considered for renewal and the annual special amusement permit.

33:05 Item# 59-2010 Proposed Communications Strategy
The Town Council welcomes public comment on the proposed communications strategy. The strategy will be discussed by the Town Council at a workshop meeting on June 15, 2010.

63:09 Item# 46-2010 Policy Related to Downed Trees on Public Property
(Tabled 4/12/2010)
It is recommended that this policy be repealed. The key elements are already covered in the Tree Ordinance. The Tree Ordinance should also be reviewed and updated as needed and it is recommended that the Tree Ordinance be referred to the Ordinance Committee for a review to be completed in 2010. Current Tree Ordinance Link 

65:32 Item# 60-2010 Alternative Energy Committee Recommendations
Link to Spreadsheets
The Alternative Energy Committee has provided additional recommendations. It is recommended that the report be received with appreciation but that no formal action be taken until we have an estimate from Unitil on extending a natural gas line to the center of Cape Elizabeth.

67:28 Item# 61-2010 School Budget Validation Vote Warrant
The Town Council needs to approve the warrant for the school budget validation vote. At this point, the Town Council needs to provide direction on whether or not the ballot is to include an advisory question asking if the approved school budget amount is too high, too low or appropriate.

75:24 Item# 62-2010 Municipal Advisory Referendum Warrant
The Town Council needs to approve the warrant for the June 8th advisory referendum on Fort Williams Park parking fees.

76:43 Item# 63-2010 Voter Registration Appeals Board
The Town Clerk nominates one member of the Voter Registration Appeals Boards subject to appointment of the Town Council.

The registration appeals board consists of 3 members who must be appointed as follows: The municipal committee of each of the major political parties shall nominate one member, who must be enrolled in the party of the municipal committee that nominates the member, and the municipal officers shall appoint the persons nominated by the municipal committees and the 3rd member must be nominated by the clerk of the municipality and appointed by the municipal officers.

78:25 Item# 64-2010 Election Clerks
The municipal officers appoint election clerks in accordance with Maine statute.(Link to Maine Statute)   The Town Clerk is providing a list in accordance with the statute.

80:13 Item# 65-2010 MMA Legislative Policy Committee
The Maine Municipal Association is requesting nominations to serve on the MMA Legislative Policy Committee for a two year term beginning July 2010. Anne E. Swift-Kayatta is our current representative.

81:03 Citizen Opportunity for Discussion of Items Not on the Agenda

83:21 Adjournment

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