Cape Elizabeth School Board

Regular Business Meeting

Tuesday June 11, 2019

6:30 P.M.

Town Council Chambers


00:46 Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance

01:09 1. Adjustments to Agenda

02:50 2. Approval of Board Minutes

03:35 3. Comments by Student Representatives

03:37 4. Comments from Public on Agenda Items (per SBoard BEDH)

5. Presentations

39:10 a. Girls Basketball Team: Class B South Sportsmanship Award, Head Coach Chris Casterella

13:45 b. Presidential Scholar: Rohan Freedman, Principal Jeff Shedd

18:30 c. Recognition of Retirees

43:16 6. Reception for Retirees

7. Administrative Reports

01:03:38 a. Principal's Updates

01:12:51 b. Director of Special Services

01:14:10 c. Director of Teaching and Learning

01:17:29 d. Business Manager

01:17:45 e. Superintendent

8. New Business 

01:19:59 a. Consideration to approve the following job descriptions:

  • Maintenance Mechanic Foreman
  • School Business Manager
  • Bookkeeper/Payroll Coordinator
  • Accounts Payable Clerk and Receptionist

01:21:56 b. Consideration to grant the Superintendent of Schools authority to hire school personnel, excluding administrative positions which will require Board approval, during the summer.

01:22:39 c. Consideration to approve the following policies for second reading:

  • FF  Naming of School Facilities
  • ACAA   Harassment and Sexual Harassment of Students

01:27:12 d. Consideration to approve the 2019-2020 co-curricular and extra-curricular personnel nominations.

01:30:06 e. Consideration to approve Kaite Haaland as Psychological Examiner.

01:31:02 f. Consideration to approve Marcia Weeks as Business Manager.

9. Committee Reports

01:32:08 Policy Committee: Hope Straw

01:32:56 PATHS: Susana Measelle Hubbs

01:33:05 Tech Committee: Elizabeth Scifres

01:34:51 Dropout Committee: M. Nasir Shir

01:36:06 CEEF: Kimberly Carr

01:36:22 10. School Board Agenda Requests

01:37:47 11. Announcement of Upcoming Meetings

01:38:18 12. Consideration to Adjourn