Tuesday, September 14, 2010 Revised 09/14/10
7:00 p.m. - Business Meeting
Town Council Chambers

Adjustments to Agenda
02:01 Approval of School Board minutes
04:00 Comments by Student Representatives
08:56 Comments from Public On Agenda Items
09:04 a. Employees’ years of service
10:02 b. CEEF 2010 Brownell Award and Thompson Award Recipients: Gretchen McNulty and John Casey
12:09 a. Principals’ update on school opening
33:32 b. Susan Dana: Safe Passages and Professional development trip to Spain
45:38 c. Community Services/Transportation Update
51:49 d. Federal Education Jobs bill
56:13 e. Student Social Security reporting
59:07 f. Nurses’ vaccination update
1:03:32 g. Staff Leave of Absence
1:04:08 h. Emergency Preparedness
1:05:45 a. Consideration of 2010-11 France Exchange Trip proposal from CEHS teacher David Peary.
1:08:15 b. Consideration to approve the following personnel nomination for 2010-11.
1:09:06 c. Consideration to approve the following extra and co curricular staff nominations for 2010-11.
1:33:34 d. Consideration to approve a tax-exempt lease purchase agreement with Gorham Savings Leasing Group LLC for a school bus with the purchase price of $85,782.
1:35:44 e. Consideration to appoint School Board member as delegate to the MSBA’s (Maine School Boards Association) Annual Assembly taking place on Thursday, October 21, 2010 in Augusta.
[f. Consideration to approve the Cape Elizabeth Schools’ Emergency Preparedness document. ] - removed
1:38:48 f. Consideration to add to the Latin position levels II and III for 30 min. 4 days per week.
1:51:51 g. Consideration to approve Girls’ Cross Country trip to Ocean State Invitational (Friday, September 24-Saturday, September 25, 2010).
1:54:50 Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items
1:54:55 School Board Agenda Requests
1:54:58 Announcements of Upcoming Meetings
1:55:04 Adjournment