Tuesday, June 8, 2010
Business Meeting
7:00 p.m. - Town Council Chambers


00:33 1. Adjustments to Agenda
01:22 2. Approval of School Board Minutes
05:20 3. Comments by Student Representatives
05:37 4. Comments from Public On Agenda Items
05:55 a. CEEF and Parent Associations
12:14 b. Student representatives
13:57 c. Band performance in Memorial Day Parade
14:34 d. Girls' Ice Hockey Award
16:18 e. Retirees
Intermission for a brief reception to honor retirees
50:14 f. National Spelling Bee
52:16 g. Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention
53:50 a. Annual Report of Volunteer Services
63:38 b. Review/Update of Board Goals
77:40 c. Retirement/Resignations - PC counselor, Roberta Sheckart; MS Nurse, Cindy Tardif; MS/HS speech/language pathologist, Katie Vandervalk
80:25 d. Congratulations to Class of 2010
83:50 a. Consideration to approve the K-12 Math curriculum goals as presented to the Board on May 11, 2010.
85:01 b. Consideration to approve the Cape Elizabeth School District's technology plan for 2010-2013
86:45 c. Consideration to approve following extra curricular athletic position for 2009-10
87:52 d. Consideration to approve the following extra curricular athletic positions for fall 2010-11.
91:35 e. Consideration to approve the following new staff nominations for 2010-11.
98:20 f. Consideration to grant the Superintendent the authority to hire over the summer.
104:24 g. Consideration and action to approve proposal regarding non-union employees' salaries and benefits.
h. Consideration of the following policies for second reading:
109:00 JLCA: Physical Exam
105:50 JJIAA: Concussions
109:20 i. Consideration to approve Cape Elizabeth High School athletic proposal with Under Armour
130:10 j. Consideration to approve the following job description:
ยท Director of Facilities
132:00 k. Consideration and action to authorize the Superintendent to execute a tax-exempt lease purchase agreement with Gorham Leasing Group for the purpose of financing computer equipment in the amount of $89,147.
135:45 l. Consideration to approve a leave of absence for High School teacher Erin Cavallero for the 2010-11 school year.
138:50 8. Committee Reports
139:00 9. Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items
139:10 10. School Board Agenda Requests
139:12 11. Announcements of Upcoming Meetings
139:20 12. Adjournment