Town of Cape Elizabeth
Planning Board Meeting Agenda

December 17, 2019                                    7:00 p.m.                                Town Hall


04:40           1.   Approval of Minutes:  November 19, 2019 meeting


05:23           2.   Ocean House Common Site Plan Amendment and Subdivision - David Jacobson is requesting subdivision review to create a 4-lot subdivision located at 326 Ocean, plus amendments to the site plans for 326 Ocean House Rd and 320 Ocean House Rd (Town Hall lot) to connect to the parking lot, Sec. 16-2-3 Subdivision Public Hearing, Sec. 19-9 Site Plan Amendments Public Hearing.


50:28           3.   Portland Head Light Pedestrian improvements Site Plan Amendment - The Town of Cape Elizabeth is requesting amendments to the previously approved subdivision to make improvements to accommodate heavy pedestrian traffic around Portland Head Light, located at Strout Circle in Fort Williams Park, Sec. 19-9, Site Plan Completeness and Public Hearing.

01:03:56           4.   Gardner building envelope revision - Adam Gardner is requesting amendments to the previously approved private accessway to revise the building envelope for the lot located at 12 Purpoodock Dr (U27-28-2), Sec. 19-7-9, Private Accessway Completeness and Public Hearing.

01:08:13           5.   Caydens Way Private Road amendment - Jay Cox is requesting an amendment to the private road approval granted for Caydens Way , in the vicinity of 51 Ocean House Rd, to adjust the lot line, Sec. 19-7-9 Completeness and Public Hearing.

01:17:35           6.   1234 Shore Rd Subdivision/Site Plan Amendments - Seacoast Properties LLC is requesting amendments to the previously approved subdivision and site plan for the lot located at 1234 Shore Rd to change the use to village retail and related amendments, Sec. 16-2-5, Amendments to a previously approved subdivision completeness and public hearing, Sec. 19-9, Site Plan Amendments completeness and Public Hearing.


01:34:50   Public Comment