Town of Cape Elizabeth
Planning Board Meeting Agenda

October 15, 2019                                        7:00 p.m.                                Town Hall


00:32        1.   Approval of Minutes: September 17, 2019 meeting

00:56           2.   Munz v. Town of Cape Elizabeth/Birlem/DeLuca remand - The Planning Board will discuss at the direction of the Superior Court the application of Maggie Birlem and Noelle DeLuca for a private road review to establish frontage for a lot located at 8 Aster Ln (U49-42), Sec. 19-7-9, Private Road Review.

45:10           3.   Cunner Lane Private Road review - David Smith is requesting a private road review for a portion of Cunner Lane to relocated a turnaround located on the southwest side of 19 Cunner Ln(U14-26-1), Sec. 19-7-9, Private Accessway and Private Road Review Public Hearing.


01:10:30          4.   Cottage Brook Buffering Amendments - Joel FitzPatrick of Cottage Brook LLC is requesting amendments to the previously approved Cottage Brook subdivision to restore plantings within the buffer and install an approved trail in the Cottage Brook condominium located off Aster Ln, Sec. 16-2-5, Amendment a to previously approved subdivision completeness and public hearing.


01:27:02           5.   Public Comment