Town of Cape Elizabeth
Planning Board Meeting Agenda

September 18, 2018                                   7:00 p.m.                                                                     Town Hall


00:19          1.   Approval of Minutes: June 25, 2018


00:39 2.   69 Beach Bluff Terrace Private Accessway Permit - Peter Weare is requesting a 90-day extension of the approval granted December 19, 2017, and extended April 23, 2018 for a private accessway to create access for a lot located at the rear of 69 Beach Bluff Terrace, Sec. 19-7-9, Private Accessways.


05:35 3.   Sarka Sewer Service Area Amendment - The Cape Elizabeth Town Council has referred to the Planning Board a request to add 33 Wells Rd to the sewer service area, Sec. 15-1-4(i), Sewer Ordinance.

10:14 4.   185 Spurwink Ave Site Plan Amendment - Elsie Maxwell is requesting an amendment to an existing site plan approval for 185 Spurwink Ave to create a lot around the existing building, Sec. 19-9, Site Plan Completeness and Public Hearing.

20:03 5.   Haines Private Accessway - Stephen and Jennifer Haines are requesting a Private Accessway Permit to create frontage for an existing lot located at 28 Woodland Rd, Sec. 19-7-9, Private Accessway Permit Completeness.

01:00:03  6.   Old Mill Rd Private Road Amendments - Malcolm Poole, on behalf of the Poole family, is requesting amendments to the previously approved Old Mill Rd located off Old Ocean House Rd, Sec. 19-7-9, Private Road completeness.

01:24:10 7.   Pollack Brook bridge and boardwalk Resource Protection Permit - The Town of Cape Elizabeth is requesting a Resource Protection Permit to install 32 sq. of boardwalk over an RP2 wetland and replace an existing pedestrian bridge with a 4' wide by 70' long pedestrian bridge in the same location, Sec. 19-8-3, Resource Protection Permit Completeness and Public Hearing.


01:53:10 8.  Public Comment