Town of Cape Elizabeth
Planning Board Meeting Agenda

January 16, 2018 7:00 p.m. Town Hall


00:06 1. Election of Chair and Vice-Chair

01:44 2. Approval of Minutes: December 19, 2017


02:07 3. Maxwell Woods - Joel FitzPatrick, dba Maxwell Woods LLC, is requesting a 90-day extension of the Final Subdivision, Resource Protection Permit and Site Plan approval granted October 17, 2017 for Maxwell Woods, a development located at 112-114 Spurwink Ave which includes 38 condominiums and 8 apartments (in two buildings), Sec. 16-2-6, Subdivision Ordinance Post Approval Requirements, Sec. 19-8-3 Resource Protection Regulations and Sec. 19-9, Site Plan Regulations.


08:30 4. Bailyn-Morris Resource Protection Permit - Ronald Bailyn and Patricia Morris are requesting an after the fact Resource Protection Permit to alter 1,557 sq. ft. of RP2 wetland for drainage and lawn area located at 26 Hannaford Cove Rd(U40-9), Sec. 19-8-3 Resource Protection Permit.

04:13 5. 19 Wells Rd Telecommunications Tower - Global Signal Acquisitions IV, LLC (Crown Castle) is requesting Site Plan review, a Resource Protection Permit, and Shoreland Zoning review to construct a 180' tall telecommunications tower to be constructed at 19 Wells Rd (R5-30), Sec. 19-9 Site Plan, Sec. 19-8-3, Resource Protection Permit and Sec. 19-8-2, Shoreland Zoning Performance Standards Request to Table.

33:34 6. Public Comment