Town of Cape Elizabeth
Planning Board Meeting Agenda

May 19, 2015 7:00 p.m. Town Hall


01:41 1. Approval of Minutes of previous meeting: April 27, 2015


03:00 2. Summer Oven/Tammaro Landscaping Mixed use Site Plan. Nick Tammaro, Jen Feeney, and Sheldon Goldman are requesting Site Plan Review of the Tammaro Landscaping (5,137 sq. ft.)/Summer Oven 30-seat restaurant/retail (4,416 sq. ft.) mixed use site located 541 Ocean House Rd, Site Plan Completeness and Public Hearing.

01:25:43 3. Inn by the Sea 500 building Site Plan Amendment - The Inn by the Sea is requesting amendments to the previously approved site plan for the Inn by the Sea located at 40 Bowery Beach Rd (U17-40) to replace the 12-unit "500 building" with a new 12-unit building, Sec. 19-9, Site Plan Completeness.


01:56:15 4. Special Event Facility Overlay District Zoning Amendment and Zoning Map Amendment. The Planning Board has drafted an amendment in response to a request from the Town Council creating a Special Event Facility Overlay District where land area of at least 15 acres may operate a special event facility. Sec. 19-10-3, Table to Public Hearing.

02:15:40 5. Public Comment