Town of Cape Elizabeth
Planning Board Meeting Agenda

February 23, 2015 7:00 p.m. Town Hall


01:30 1. Approval of Minutes of previous meeting: January 20, 2015


03:32 2. Petersen Hidden Court Subdivision Amendment - Nathalie and Alexander Petersen are requesting amendments to the Hidden Court Subdivision, located at 340 Ocean House Rd, to change the lot lines for lots 4-1 and 4-3, Sec. 16-2-5, Amendments to Previously Approved Subdivisions Public Hearing.

50:57 3. Srungavarapu Blueberry Ridge Subdivision Amendment - Srinivas Srungavarapu is requesting an amendment to the previously approved Blueberry Ridge Subdivision to replant a buffer and install fencing at the rear of 10 Blueberry Rd (U34-17-15), Sec. 16-2-5, Subdivision Amendment completeness.


01:24:27 4. Brothers Way/Legacy Way Private Rd Amendment - Kristine Murray is requesting an amendment to the previously approved Brothers Way Private Road approval, now renamed Legacy Way, to alter lot line to create a second buildable lot with access to Brothers Way (U20-11-1), Sec. 19-7-9, Private Road Approval Completeness and Public Hearing.


01:42:52 5. Land Use Amendments - The Town Council has referred to the Planning Board the fifth package of amendments, known as the Land Use Amendments, to implement several recommendations predominantly from the Land Use Chapter of the Comprehensive Plan, Sec. 19-10-3, Schedule Public Hearing.

02:30:42 6. Announcement of board vacancy