Planning Board approves String Bean Farm School and Day Care site plan amendments

On Tuesday, September 20, 2022 the Planning Board voted 6-0 in favor of approving site plan amendments to 1231 Shore Road, to change the use from office to day care and minor site plan changes.  Lisa Burleson, the owner of String Bean Farm School and Day Care, is relocating the school to 1231 Shore Road for the site’s larger building and grounds.  The business has been in existence since 2019 and consists of a preschool, pre-k, and after school care programs.  Burleson will offer four classes of eight children each for a total of 32 students and have a total of five teachers.  

In a September 20 Memo to the board, Town Planner Maureen O’Meara explained, “The proposed site changes are minor and located within the developed areas of the site.”  Changes include: installing a fence around the existing open lawn; installing lights over the side door to illuminate the parking lot; and replacing existing signage.  

Prior to approving the amendments, a Public Hearing in which no public members spoke, was held.  Board member Andrew Gilbert said, “The majority of our emails have been positive for the day care.”  Chair Jim Huebener added, “I know it’s [child care] sorely needed; my son has two little ones and is going through the day care process now.”

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