Council approves easement agreement for fiber-optic network

At the September 12, 2022 Town Council meeting, the council voted unanimously in favor of approving an Easement Agreement with CRC Communications, LLC, which does business as, Otelco, for town property at 320 Ocean House Road.  The easement permits Otelco to install equipment, 20 by 20 in size, which will enable a fiber optic network to Cape Elizabeth.  The Planning Board approved amendments to the easement site plan on August 16.  The easement provides Otelco with the rights to construct, run utilities, have continuous access for maintenance of its equipment and parking during maintenance.  In exchange for the easement, Otelco will provide the town with a single $15,000 payment.

The location of the fiber base station will be on the northwest corner of the grassed area behind Town Hall.  The Otelco fiber network requires ground equipment to distribute signals to the end users and service provider(s).  Cables and related equipment are currently being installed throughout town on top of existing utility poles.

The project marks further progression towards the Town Council’s goal of “Maintaining current infrastructure while building toward the future” by incorporating new technologies to expand communication coverage and allow for 5G systems.  

The agreement with Otelco was preceded by a Wireless Infrastructure Augmentation (WIMA) Study provided by Wireless Expertise LLC.  At an April 20, 2022 workshop, Steven Webster of Wireless Expertise, reviewed the study with the recommendation that a fiber and small cell network be installed in the town in order to substantially improve wireless coverage.

Location of easement at 320 Ocean House Road


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