Town Manager's Monthly Report

The following is a transcription of Town Manager Matthew Sturgis' report to the Town Council during the September 12, 2022 council meeting.

I want to bring people’s attention towards the town’s website.  We now have a new pop-up window that will come up on your screen that says, “Stay Connected.”  Through that function you can enter your email address and subscribe to multiple different areas that you may find of interest.  Such as, building permits issued, Housing Diversity Study meetings, Zoning Board of Appeals agendas, Planning Board agendas and other things along those lines.  Automatically, when a change or posting shows up, it will be emailed to you; much like the RSS-feed signups we have been using.

We have had a soft launch this new service, but you will see it evolve and become a little more prevalent so folks can look at it and decide to subscribe. It is a good way for people who don’t have all the time to come in a review the town’s website on a routine basis, to get reminders and notifications of items that may be of interest to them as a property owners and residents of this town.  

Stay tuned for future updates and watch the website as we improve and move forward.

Below is an image of currently available subscription topics; to subscribe please follow this link.

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