Board approves CCAG temporary ice rink plans

The Planning Board voted 5-0 in favor of approving the Cape Community Arena Group's (CCAG) request for a Site plan amendment to the previously approved Gull Crest Site plan to construct a temporary ice rink.  Board members Jonathan Sahrbeck and Andrew Gilbert were absent.

The board deemed the application complete on July 19 and held a site walk on July 23.

Michael Tadema-Wielandt of Terradyn Consultants provided the board with a review of the amendments on behalf of the CCAG.  Tadema-Wielandt said the revisions were relatively minor and, "Most were in response to the peer review comments or comments from the Public Works Director." Noting that a key piece of equipment for the temporary ice rink was experiencing supply-chain issues, the group is not sure if the rink would be for two years or one. "Either we will have the rink installed for two years as has been proposed all along or, more likely, we won't have it for this year, but we will have it for next year [2023-2024 season]."  Unsure if the schedule would fall within one year of site plan approval, Tadema-Wielandt asked the board to consider, "An 18-month extension."

Town Planner Maureen O'Meara informed the group that their understanding of one-year timeline was incorrect.  "I have good news.  You have one year to make it happen.  Once you install something, your approval is valid -- it doesn't expire.  Plus, since this is an amendment, you are not really locked into that either. You are in the timeline of when the original site plan was granted and you have to do something to start construction within a year so that your site plan doesn't expire.  In that instance, you can come back for an extension."

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