Council approves Wima2 RFP

The Town Council voted unanimously in favor of approving the Ordinance Committee's draft of a Wireless Infrastructure Market Augmentation (Wima2) Request for Proposals (RFP) during the June 13, 2022 council meeting.  The council held a workshop on April 20 with consultant Steven Webster of Wireless Expertise, LLC, to review his Wima Study Report.  Webster, who was selected via a prior RFP process to complete a Wima Study, recommended that the town use a plan of looped fiber/small cell network installations throughout town to establish adequate wireless infrastructure.  As a result, the council voted on May 9 to refer the task of drafting a Wima2 RFP to the Ordinance Committee.

The approved Wima2 RFP will enable the town to locate a consultant with expertise in wireless infrastructure to advise the town on public/private partnership options to implement the plan.  As stated in the draft Wima2 RFP, the consultant should also provide advice on available funding sources to supplement municipal funds.  The options should include opportunities to partner with existing wireless investments and subsidize fiber installation to accomplish a minimum standard of service town-wide.

As written in a May 20 Memo from the Ordinance Committee, "Improving wireless service levels has been a town goal for many years and the Wima Study recommendation is a proactive approach where the town partners with a wireless company to improve infrastructure that is not expected to be upgraded to resident expectations through market demand alone."

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