Elementary school reaches outbreak status; mandatory mask use reinstated

On Tuesday, May 10, 2022 the School Board voted to reinstate a mask mandate at the Pond Cove Elementary School for all students, staff, and visitors beginning May 11.  The decision followed the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention's (MCDC) announcement that the elementary school had reached "outbreak status."  Outbreak status, as defined by MCDC, is greater than or equal to 15% absenteeism among students and staff in a single day where the majority of those absences are due to COVID-19 illness.  Masks will be required until the outbreak status has been lifted by the MCDC.  

A school must have fourteen straight calendar days with less than 15% absenteeism among students and staff or if the rate is above 25% there needs to be less than a majority of those absences due to COVID-19 illness.  In a May 10 letter to parents from Superintendent Christopher Record, Record says, "While we cannot control what happens in the greater community, we do hope mandatory mask wearing during the outbreak at Pond Cove and voluntary mask compliance from our students and staff [in grades] 5-12 will help curb the spread."

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