Council to hold two public hearings tonight

Included in the Town Council May 9, 2022 agenda are two public hearings.  The first will be a public hearing on Technical Amendments as proposed by the Ordinance Committee.  The Ordinance Committee reviewed the package of amendments approved by the Planning Board on December 21, 2021 [Article] on three separate occasions: January 26, February 9, and March 30.  A The Ordinance Committee has reviewed the entire package and has recommended the following changes:

Page/line: 12/44 - Wood storage shelter is added as permitted with no setback requirement for the storage of wood.

Page/line 13/10 - Proposed changes to the Sec. 19-4-3 have been removed.

Following the public hearing, the Town Council may consider recommendations for approval or refer to workshop.

The second public hearing will be on the Fiscal Year 2023 General Fund and Special Revenue Funds Budgets.  The proposed fiscal year 2023 general fund includes the municipal and school budgets with Town expenditures of $18,537,065 and revenues of $11,447,347 and School expenses of $31,255,751 and revenues of $2,847,606 (see pro forma).  Following the public hearing the council will vote on the approval of the Fiscal Year 2023 Special Revenue Funds Budget (see pro forma) and move to schedule a vote on the Fiscal Year 2023 General Fund Budget for Monday, May 16 at 7:00 p.m.  All budget documents and meeting recordings can be found on the FY2023 budget page.

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