Reminder: Sunday is the last day to volunteer for Outerloop project

Updated 09/11/2021: There are volunteer groups scheduled for 10:00 and 11:00 am this Sunday. The project is set up for "self-serve" volunteering if you have a group that wants to help us out this weekend. Individual volunteers should consider joining one of the groups already scheduled. Carry in, 2 persons per board is recommended. If you have anything with wheels that span no more than 24", consider using them to "roll" in the boards. 

Below are pictures from volunteers sharing the load this weekend.


The Outerloop Boardwalk Replacement project is officially ready for volunteers this weekend, September 10 - 12, 2021.  Approximately 500 boards of lumber to replace the Outer Loop boardwalk have arrived and need to be moved into place.  This is a community volunteer project, in need of more volunteers to help make this project a success. Currently, the Rotary, CELT, and a school athletic team have committed to help; more volunteers are needed.  Please consider giving some of your time this weekend.

What to Expect:

Volunteers are asked to park at the Gull Crest field parking lot and access the Greenbelt trail located at the rear of the Public Works facility (behind the school buses) and turn left (north).  Once on the trail, it is a ten minute walk to the location of the lumber pile.  Pick up a board (two persons to a board is recommended) and walk it about another ten minutes to the end of the pile already in place.  Three boards, plus one post placed in a pile adjacent to the existing boardwalk are needed.  The crew constructing the boardwalk will begin on Monday, September 13.

For more information, please contact the Town Planner.

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