5G Amendments forwarded to the Planning Board

In an effort to address the need for improved cellular communication within Cape Elizabeth, the Town Council voted unanimously to send the Ordinance Committee’s proposed 5G Amendments to the Planning Board.  The amendments add a definition for “Essential Services, Minor” and includes telecommunication support equipment which would be attached to existing utility poles.

In addition, the Ordinance Committee proposed that the Town Council solicit the expertise of a consulting firm to help Cape Elizabeth develop a strategy for improving communication, streamline regulations, and remove ordinance barriers.  Penny Jordan, Chair of the Ordinance Committee commented that, “Cape is the end of the line; Not everyone [telecommunication companies] wants to come here and create networks.”  Jordan also mentioned that federal funding may become available to the town as it is considered, “An underserved area from a cellular and broadband perspective.”

The Town Council voted unanimously in favor of authorizing Town Manager Matthew Sturgis to prepare a Request For Proposal for contracting a consulting firm.

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