Town Manager's Report

July 12, 2021

The fiscal year 2021 ended June 30th and the Town is in the process of finalizing its financial reporting for that year. Next month I will have a double report on the financial position of the year closed and the first month of the new fiscal year. 

The communications tower project beside the recycling center is progressing, and you will note that the tower will begin going up over the next couple of weeks. The tower will vastly improve our communications once complete for police, fire, and public works. 

Revision Energy prevailed in the electric vehicle request for proposals, and will be installing a four car charging station at Fort Williams and a four car station at the Community Services building this summer. Both stations will require users to pay for the service, and we are excited for their installation as they represent part of the council goals on climate action. 

Summer camp at Community Services is in full swing, with 160 campers of all ages taking part in this year’s offering. 

The summer reading program at Thomas Memorial Library recently began with a high level of interest. Interesting statistic for Thomas Memorial Library, we have the fifth highest volume of circulation across the library consortium, which is comprised of 60 libraries across the state. The TML had 7,820 items in circulation, following only South Portland, Scarborough, Falmouth, and Brunswick. With a significant difference in population between the lower circulation communities. 

Volume is increasing steadily at Fort Williams, with parking revenues increasing monthly as the weather improves and the season comes into full swing. Each week has shown growth, with the most recent week booking gross receipts of just under $31,000. 

Finally, thank you to Chairman Garvin for his eloquent remarks during the recent visit by First Lady Jill Biden. Additional thanks to Assistant Manager Debra Lane, Police Chief Fenton, Community Services Director Kathy Raftice, Public Works Director Jay Reynolds, and their staffs for assisting in making the visit a success.

Respectfully submitted, 

Matthew E. Sturgis

Town Manager

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